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    fastredhorse Guest

    Default Question about licensing changes, and your track experiences

    I'm sure this sort of question is posted often... but
    I live in NYC...used to exercise ride in KY about 5 years ago...after I left the track I began training OTTB's and got a degree in Equine Science.
    I got bored stiff! Now I'm looking to get back into exercise riding... do I need a NYRA license now?
    Also, I'd like to go to Aqueduct and try to get on a few rides this week (Ideally I'd like to ease back into it through a farm, but I don't know any farms within easy public transport of Manhattan. So, looks like I'm going to have to jump right back in)

    Barring that, I've thought of moving to Maryland and trying to get on at Fair Hill... anyone with experience there? Is it a god place to ease back into exercise riding?
    *Do I need a exercise rider license now? For each state?
    *Does anyone have experience at Aqueduct or Fair Hill?
    *Is there an across-the-board license that can be used for credentials at tracks across the country?

    I figure you guys here are the ones to ask... please throw your opinions my way! Thanks

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    Mar. 29, 2009


    You would definatly be better off finding a farm to get back into galloping unless you are lucky enough to find someone at Aqueduct that will ease you back to racetrack fit. And yes you do need an exercise rider license to gallop on the racetrack in each state you work in. Some states (all should) even make you take a test. Once you are licensed in one state most will accept that as credentials. You may also need to carry your own workmans comp in some states. Now after all that Fair Hill is the BEST! There are many trainers that are flexable and will ease you back in and miles of cross country. When I galloped there I sometimes "almost" felt guilty getting paid for it.

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    Jan. 25, 2005
    upstate New York


    Yes, you will need to be licensed as an exercise rider and you may need to be "passed" by one of the outriders.

    If you decide to stay in NYC, PM me and I can give you the names of some trainers I know there who ship in from Finger Lakes for the winter (they're at Belmont).

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    Jan. 20, 2007


    I'm not sure how Aqueduct works, but from me shipping to various tracks as a trainer (NY-Fingerlakes included...) -- you should be able to just show your license from Kentucky & they will give you a license there...I wouldn't think they'd make you take another test... but I could be wrong. I know I see tons of exercise riders come here from other states & just go get the license off their old -- no new test needed......

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    fastredhorse Guest


    great.. thanks for the tips, everyone! I really appreciate it! Hopefully I can get something going. I don;t know anyone at Fair Hill.. and it's a looong way for me to drive from nyc... just to show up and do the rounds one morning, hoping for a ride.

    Maybe I can find someone here in ny to get me on a few, then meet someone whe knows someone training at FH.

    Either way.. thanks again for your help, everyone!

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    Mar. 4, 2009


    Agreed with everyone above. IF you do end up jumping back into the track. Ask around and see if any trainers will be willing to let you help out one of their other rider's with gallops so they can pick and choose for you until you get racefit. Best thing to do is be HONEST! If not, you'll get yourself in to all kind of trouble.

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    May. 28, 2009


    It's a bad time of the year to try and ease back into galloping race horses as they are really on their toes in the cold weather.

    You probably already know this, but just wasn't thinking about it. Just be careful.

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    Sep. 9, 2008
    In A World Called Catastrophe


    Like everyone else has stated you need to be licensed in every jurisdiction you lope horses in. I have always had a valid license so I have never had a problem other than the CHRB has one woman who dislikes females and immigrants.. that was for an assistant renewal tho. It took 2 immigration lawyers and my marriage license to get her to give in and renew me. Totally different scenario though.
    Also like others have said be honest. You aren't galloping fit. Let them know that. Get on joggers, tack walkers and the "easy" horses. OR find someone that tranq's the barn.. LOL. You'll get fit fast and not look like a hack doing it if you are honest and know when you are going to be over horsed for your level of fitness. Heck, joggers can get tough when you aren't fit..
    Ease your way into it and be honest about limitations "till you are fit" and back in the swing of things.

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    fastredhorse Guest


    thanks all....
    yeah, very aware of not being race fit, and the limitations I have at this time. I'm definately honest about them. Also, know how sassy the ponies can be this time of year in the cold weather...I'm also not above saying when I have too much horse. I learned that lesson the hard way when was younger. At my age now (30), no way, no how am I trying to get myself or anyone else in a dangerous situation. And I've thankfully grown wiser about piping up with my limitations.
    Oh If I could only jog the shedrow til March! haha..

    I'm definately going to start small with joggers and easy ones...(and by easy I mean EASY).....and gradually work up. I really hope/wish I could get on at Fair Hill..that would be perfect. Hopefully something comes through. big sigh.
    I've put a few smokesignals out there-- but if any of you have an other leads, please feel free to PM me!

    thanks again to all of you-- a very helpful bunch of nice people!

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