I am excited to be the first private boarder at ARCH (Atlantic Riding Center for the Handicapped) and wondered if anyone posting here was involved as a student, volunteer or instructor?

I was looking for a barn with an indoor close to where I work (I've been working such long hours, with the winter weather closing in, just no hope of riding til summer unless I move my guy!) and was thrilled to find that ARCH had just opened its invite to private boarders. They have built such a lovely new facility, seems to have everything needed for a great handicapped program from equipment (some I can't even fathom what it is for yet, but inspired to see!) to awesome horses - you can just see the kindness and patience in the faces poking out of those stalls.

Anyway, in addition to being selfishly thrilled to have access to the indoor facility (after the program lessons are done, which run from roughly 4-6:30pm afternoons, I'm told, which is great for me!) I'll be looking into ways to help out.

Please PM or email me "hi" and hope to meet you soon!

(PS my horse I'm bringing there is a sweet 5 yo TB gelding named KOKI - he looks big & scary, but he's actually a puppy dog in a horse suit, so feel free to say hi, he Looooooves peoples!!!)