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    Feb. 26, 2008

    Default Saddle shopping advice needed

    I tried out the County Stabilizer and loved it.
    I ride over fences VERY rarely - like 2x a yr. I would like to take my youngster to a few schooling shows for exposure, so need a jumping saddle. He is 17+ hands, goes in a regular/medium tree, has a pronounced wither.

    I don't love the price tag of the County stabilizer. Can someone suggest an inexpensive option?

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    Nov. 9, 2007


    find it used! while sure, they're not cheap, for what they are they're very well priced IMO. I'd definitely compare them to the high end, more expensive saddles.

    i suggest finding one used because then you know you're getting that same quality, fit, and comfort, just at a lower price. Bright side? you dont have to break it in

    Blitz <3 & Leap of Faith <3

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    Aug. 15, 2002
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    Look for a County Pro-Fit. They are older and very similar to the Stabilizer (they have a slightly deeper seat) but the tree, I believe, is the same. They were discontinued a few years back so you can sometimes find them pretty cheap on ebay.

    Also, get in touch with the local County rep. Sometimes they will have demos for sale, or will know someone that needs to sell their saddle.
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    Feb. 19, 2009


    when I was looking at the saddle, I found a bunch under $1800 used and in decent condition. Also, I know a little while back the reps were having a sale on the demos so you might still be able to get a good deal.

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