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    Mar. 19, 2007

    Default bad string of injuries.

    I have been riding for 20 years.

    i have dealt with racehorses, show horses, babies, many hours a week.

    In the last few years I have been working at lesson barns. I keep getting hurt.

    Im not sure if im getting old and slow or too comfortable. Or are lesson horses naughtier?

    I got buck off a pony while getting on. Spinal cord injury that I have chronic pain from. I got kicked in the elbow no break, then kicked in both knees while cleaning a sheath no break.

    I just started a new job in August. I have been to the er 3 times. one time i got trampled while turning out, horse stepped on the side of my foot and on my ankle bone(rush injury to the muscles and tendons. Right as that was feeling better i got kicked in the thigh on the same leg.. feeling better.I spent 4 days treating a laminitic mare-icing around the clock. Apparently the little lady was feeling better when I wsa doing night check, I had to give her 2 oral meds. gave one. went to put the halter on which involved a lap around the stall, I decided it wasnt working so I went to leave the stall. I tried to go as quickly as possible but the b**ch bucked at me and nailed me in the side. I knew it was not good. I managed to shut the stall door and hit the ground. My husband was not home. I luckily work at a school so I called security. I had a friend take me to the hospital.

    I was in so much pain(been 9 days and still am) They did x rays and a ct scan Luckily I only fractured a rib and tore some ligaments and cartilage.

    I feel sooo bad bc I am new here and they had problems with past barn managers. I am such a hard worker and I feel like I have let everyone down. Plus I am going crazy!!!! I hate sitting around and its all I can do right now. I really miss working!

    I dont understand why I have had such a run of injuries! I hope this stops!

    Oh-I also have a pinched nerve & 2 herniated discs in my lower back. causes a lot of numbness and weakness in my left leg,.I cant ride very much bc of the weakness. Im facing surgery if my next epidural doesnt work- which I had to cancel bc of the broken rib!

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    Jun. 7, 2008
    now in KCMO, and plan to stay there


    I am sorry to read of all this trauma, but when I read 'they had problems with past barn managers' - it makes me think that these problem horses are probably why they've had trouble keeping help. Sad to say, but I think it would be safer for you to find another place, this one is just too dangerous. Good luck and I hope you will heal quickly.

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    Mar. 19, 2007


    no they had lazy barn managers.

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