Ok, I jumped the gun a bit and bought my infant son "his" own pony! Silly, I know! Well, I am too big to ride this little guy, and he loves attention, and with this rainy-wintery weather, I haven't had my son up there much to "ride" (I hold onto him while my Mom leads him!) He would be fine for leadline, but for off the lead he would need an intermediate rider as he is a bit green in the aides department. I had a small rider on him a few times, and she started him over fences in his 2nd time being ridden here, and he jumped them all without hesitation (little-bitty xrails). She's really too big for him, though, so hoping to find a kid who wants a pony to dote on for a while (open to lease length). Lives out in paddock with access to a stall with no grass (don't want him on grass for fear of founder issues), gets a handful of grain 2x day, with grass hay. Barefoot, easy keeper-lost his halter and I've been leading him around like a dog with a rope around his neck! If the right situation doesn't come up, he's fine here, but I just thought I would try here!

Must be within an hour of zip 19933