Gizmo, a donkey we rescued spring 2009 with the help of some fellower COTHer's is in need of a more permanent home.

He is roughly about 1 1/2 yrs and we had him gelded shortly after rescuing him.

His rescue came about after seeing him in a craigslist ad and a quick visit revealed that he was physically abused, tied like a dog to a fence, and used for kids pony rides until he became too difficult to handle.

We have him learning some equine socializing with our paint pony mare and shetland. So far he gets along with every equine he's been turned out with. No special dietary needs and UTD on vaccinations. He halters and leads, trailers just fine. He's had several baths and was body clipped with no issue. Great for his trims and feet picks.

I am not going to sugar coat this- but he needs lots of ground work and probably a 'job' to do. He is nippy but steadily improving on his behavior. He is very needy when it comes to attention. Saving grace is he doesn't bray- we're wondering if this is because he was tied to a fence with a 6' long rope around his neck for the beginning of his life!

The type of home we *think* will be suitable for him... a place that will give him attention and continue with his training. He's smart and actually very willing. Excellent pasture buddy

Consider Gizmo- he's a cute little guy that really needs to be someone's loyal buddy. We of course will miss him dearly and with him placed we can begin our next rescue project...