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    jhabinger Guest

    Default Dry Cough

    My mare's cough is getting worse lately. I've checked her temp for several days now. She isn't running a temp. I'm feeding good hay. She usually coughs once in the morning when she goes outside but she is coughing a lot more lately both inside and outside the barn. The barn isn't heated. Nothing is coming up when she coughs, it just sounds like her throat is dry. I've called the vet and he told me just to keep taking her temp. Is there anything I can give her or any advice what I might do next?

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    Jun. 27, 2006


    My mare has a cough at certain times. She has had this issue since stall bound a few years ago. She seems to react to dust mostly, but seems to also be seasonal. Cough Free has helped - I don't know why but it does. I also have her out 24/7 and wet her hay.

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    Oct. 25, 2007


    Is hse heavey at all?

    Is her hay dusty?

    When one of my mares coughs, I keep a super vigilant on her, since she is prone to very nasty COPD.

    If that is your horse's cough, get serious about environmental changes as well as hay changes. COPD is not a fun disease, actually no disease is fun.

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    jhabinger Guest


    I put her on Cough Free and she has now been on that for three days. I'm hearing some improvement. Is there any product out there that she could stay on more permanently to help with possible allergies? Her hay isn't dusty.

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