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    May. 9, 2007
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    Default elite trailers

    What are your good and bad experiece with these trailers?

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    Aug. 7, 2007


    we have one and we love it. have had no bad experiences at all. bought new, now 3 years old and other than me whacking the fender on concrete planter, it looks just as good as the day we bought it. love the trailer, love the company.

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    Feb. 4, 2000
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    After having a 4-Star for 10 years, I had Elite build a 6/8 horse center load, with 2 side ramps,a back ramp and a dressing room, virtually identical to the 4-Star floorplan. After using it now for 2 years, I have to say it's a lesser quality than I was expecting. However, Elite has been fantastic about fixing the things that go wrong--but I am near a very good dealer, so it's not much hassle to bring it in. It's just that in all the years I had the 4-Star, it was in for repair once. It's a beautiful, shiny thing, but not as heavy duty as I was used to having, and I'm a little disappointed in it.

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    Jun. 21, 2004
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    All I've been hearing is that the Elite is the "very best". I haven't put my hands on one but I know they are very pricey. I'd love to know what has broken on your head to head model.
    I have been researching trailers for a while now & I think that the 4-star & the Cimarron are probably the best from what I've seen.
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    Aug. 10, 2003


    We've had our Elite trailer for 12 years (had it built). It's been virtually problem free ... had one door hinge repaired about 3 years ago. Absolutely NOTHING else has gone wrong except for a couple of fender dings that we caused, and of course, we replaced the well worn tires a year ago. It's quite a 'plain jane' trailer .... 3-horse slant gooseneck, extra tall, extra wide, extra heavy stressed floor (we were transporting some really big WBs and TBs then), head doors on one side, slatted on other, folding tack in back ... but we couldn't be more pleased with it. Exterior striping is getting very worn, but otherwise still looks great after a washing even though it's been kept outside all its life. It's got many more good years of service left in it.
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    Feb. 25, 2004

    Thumbs up

    We've had an Elite 8-horse slant (custom built: x-tra tall, wide stalls, heavier axles, heavier floor, back ramp, stud stall, double tack) trailer for about five years now. It gets pulled fully-loaded on a pretty constant basis, and it has held up to the heavy use quite well, despite being so big.
    And...the horses ride really well in this trailer!

    We sold a very fancy head-to-head Pegasus when we decided to go with the Elite instead. The Pegasus was beautiful, but also incredibly heavy and the horses just didn't ride too well. It was super cool looking though. Our Elite isn't nearly as flashy, but it is solid, safe, and (so far) very dependable.
    ...and all of the horses load and ride great.

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