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    Default Tell me about your accident-prone babies..

    Make me feel better

    My filly is a mess, I'm hoping she's not that bad compared to some of your babies. It just seems like there is ALWAYS something that I'm calling the vet or "keeping an eye on" with her.

    Most is probably me being an overprotective, worrywort of a mom.... her being my first foal and all.

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    She's probably not! My first homebred filly, who is now coming 3, went through a phase as a yearling where she had 3 major injuries- one of which left her with permanent arthritis to her RH fetlock joint. She has grown out of that phase... or maybe I should say I have gotten way more careful with her. She is a lovely filly with great (Alla Czar) bloodlines, so I am lucky that she can be bred and pass those on to her offspring. But rest assured, you are not alone!

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    I've got one, he's almost four years old now.

    He was born a bad dummy foal, and he overcame that. He managed to make it to about a year and a half with only minor scrapes, etc.. He fractured his jaw at a year and a half, had to have emergency surgery, his blood pressure bottomed out during surgery, and he had a rough recovery. He eventually came back from that. About 4 months later, he got a puncture wound in his tendon sheath. About another 3-4 months, and he attempted to jump a fence and got caught... injured both stifles, thank God they have no lasting damage. Lets see, what else... oh, last summer he got a puncture wound on his stifle that went all the way up the inside of his thigh, about 12 inches long. He was three legged and acting like his leg was broken. We loaded him up at 10pm and rushed him to UC Davis. Turns out it was fine, didn't involve the joint, and he was almost sound the next day. We left him there for a week just to be on the safe side. Somewhere along the line he apparently fractured a coffin bone as well, he's never been lame, but it showed up on a routine set of radiographs...

    Well he's still alive, and 100% sound lol. We've had more issues with this horse in his almost four years of life than some of the others that we've had for 10+... some are just like that I guess.
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    I have one!! In her first year of life she fractured her coffin bone in two places, had surgery on her hock, ripped the tip off her ear, had stitches 4 separate times and had countless cuts and scrapes. I am not exaggerating when I say she was lame more than she was sound. Every time I saw her trotting in the pasture she was lame (always on different legs). I was pretty convinced that she would not make it (sound) to under saddle age. Luckily she's very well bred and could have a career as a broodmare, if necessary. I have not sold her yet because I couldn't in good conscience sell her to some poor, unsuspecting soul. She was a total trainwreck!
    I am happy to say that she hasn't injured herself in over a year and is perfectly sound and will start under saddle in the spring.

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    I have a coming three year old who had a swollen leg when it was time to go to her we waited until she was a yearling. At 18mos she put her front leg through the gate and ended up with swelling just above the annular ligament. One vet wanted her wrapped and in a stall. The other said let her go out and grow up [after an ultrasound showed that the ligament was fine]. She took months to recover. When the State decided to widen the Hwy in front of the farm I didn't realize that they had changed the way water drains from the field. The filly came in with three swollen and scraped legs: she had stepped into what had become quicksand created by the bog just after a heavy rain. The water used to drain into a pond but the State changed that. She has recovered from the swelling and the scrapes but now is limping on her front leg with a knee injury. She lives out 24/7 with her half sister who has never had a problem. I wonder if she will ever get under saddle. She turns three in March. I have never had so many problems with a youngster.

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    Cool It's always something!

    We have a pair of full sisters, coming three...they take turns getting stitches...minor stuff so far but neither of them has ever been entirely "un-wounded" in some form or lasting scars in important places yet either...knock on wood.

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