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    Sep. 14, 2002
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    Default can't figure out what to add to my feed...alfalfa?

    I used to buy alfalfa hay but I stopped when my horse stuck his *other* foot where it didn't belong giving me a several hundred dollar vet bill--added to his thousands from his origianl injury.
    I told him until he can make better decisions he gets coastal. lol.

    I feed beet pulp and a multi vitamin (Glanzen). Rice Bran and Flax. and I throw in a pellet or sweet feed for texture so the feed is not a bucket of mush.
    I would, however, like alfalfa in the diet...
    alfalfa hay won't *really* work because our sport horses and pleasure horses are out together 24/7 and the pleasure horses don't need the expensive hay.

    Plus, we like to have a pellet on hand for treats and when we need grain to herd the animals from field to field. [clankety clank clank of grain in a bucket gets them moving ]

    What do you guys think about this product (Alfa 12%) vs plain old alfalfa cubes?

    I really would not be using it according to the directions though, just as a texture for the beet pulp mush. It's not expensive (8 bucks a bag if I remember correctly).

    Would I be better off just soaking alfalfa cubes with the beet pulp and using a cheep cow pellet for treats/herding?
    The alfalfa cubes would just add more mush to the already mush feed though.
    (small cow pellets are cheaper than sweet feed and are nutritionally sound for horses)

    ugh. buying feed tomorrow and I can't make up my mind.
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    May. 22, 2003


    What about just straight alfalfa pellets?

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    Apr. 12, 2002


    I have never seen the nuggets before, which is odd since the Martindales live in the same town I do, but I never even knew they had a feed Makes sense with all those cows though. Anyway, it looks like a cool product and I might try it if I can find some around here. Just noticed the ingredient list has molasses, so I would probably pass due to that.

    I feed much like you do, judging by your post, and I use soaked alfalfa cubes. My guys get cubes, a tad bit of grain-Nutrena Ultra- 1 gets just a handfull, and rice bran pellets plus vitamin supps. I used to do beet pulp but my guys really don't like it all that much.

    I soak my cubes in pretty warm water first, just enough to get them to start to float. Let that soak for about 15 minutes, then take a butter knife and break them up. That usually soaks up most all of the water and makes the alfalfa to more of a damp chafe type product. Then I put in supps, a splash of grain, and about a 1lb of rice bran.

    My guys love it and they have never looked better. My hard keeper is no longer a hard keeper and his leg retractions from Shivers have gone away.

    I have tried to make the mix dryer but it turned out that my guys didn't care for it dryer. Lots of ugly faces and walking around to see what else there was to eat in the stall before going to back to take another bite.

    Don't know if any of that helps, but that's what I do =).

    Edited to add that I tried the pellets as well, but they didn't like them dry because it was too dry and they didnt' like them wet because they disinegrate into something much worse than mush.
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    I just use soaked alfalfa cubes. It has more substance than beet pulp (unless you add too much water). It's quite a bit cheaper than a comparable weight of hay or pellets.

    Not too sure what "roughage products" are??

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    Nov. 1, 2009


    I have had great luck with a product call Square Meal Feeds.

    They have a website, but the product is in Minnesota.....

    Shipping might be horrible but it is a great product.

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    Mar. 13, 2007
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    In my area, alfa-green straight alfalfa pellets
    are distributed under both the triple crown and pennfield feeds brand. About $17/50#

    The straight alfalfa pellets looks preferable to the ingredients in the alfa-nuggets which didn't give me a warm fuzzy. Looks like it's not a fixed formula feed:
    "roughage products (35%), processed grain by-products, molasses products"
    can be anything they want throughout the year. These are filler products to boost protein numbers without boosting protein QUALITY. Since the reason you want to feed alfalfa, if you are like most people, is for the quality of protein, and potentially for the calcium, the nuggets don't look like a good deal.

    There is price difference, but you could feed half as much of the alfalfa pellets and most likely get the same quality of nutrition.

    I feed the alfa-green pellets and they are totally yummy. Very fresh. Smells wonderful.
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