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    Default Feeding grain hay?

    We just got a new batch of orchard grass hay and it smells so sweet and yummy. The horses love it, of course, but Paddy's tummy doesn't. Since we made the switch (and yes, I switched gradually from the last batch), he's had the runs. I've tried probiotics, which only helped a little bit, so my next step is to try a different hay.

    All the hay here now is:

    --orchard grass (which I've got)
    --alfalfa or grass/alfalfa (Paddy cannot have alfalfa per vet's orders)
    --mixed grain hay (wheat/oat/barley)

    I bought one bale of the mixed grain hay to see if that helps. It is quite stemmier and more fibrous than the grass hay so I'm hoping/wondering if that will help with is diarrhea problems.

    Years ago I boarded at a barn that fed oat hay and I don't remember there being any problems with it, but that was before I tried to educate myself on equine nutrition.

    I understand that this hay is likelier to be higher in NSC, but Paddy doesn't have any IR problems so hopefully it won't be an issue.

    I will be giving him a small amount in his ration to see if that helps, but I wanted to see if anyone could share their experiences.

    I tried doing a search, but came up with nothing - the search function appears to be not working, as when I searched for "oat" there were 0 matches - unlikely!

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    I have heard a lot about Timothy being easier to digest/easier on their stomach. I put my ulcery horse on it and it really made a difference.

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