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    I don't think anyone called the owner an asshole, I think people were merely pointing out that he's had more trainers than "Edddie" from Frasier.

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    With those kinds of owners, you know when your hired your going to get fired... just a matter of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drvmb1ggl3 View Post
    One the Jayaraman's horses was injured (condylar fracture) working at Oaklawn on Sunday morning. Ice didn't bother to tell them until sometime Monday.
    Maybe it's not a simple case of "Ice=good, Jayaraman=asshole".
    I don't think anyone was implying that, but no, you're right of course.

    There exists the possibility that they are both a-holes.

    Or perhaps Ice didn't want to tell him because he thought he'd be fired.

    Curious: how did you come to know that another Jayaraman horse suffered a condylar fracture which was diagnosed on Sunday, but not disclosed until Monday? In the DRF article, I read the part where there was a condylar fracture, and that there was a break down in communication, but I did not pick up from the story that Ice was delinquent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnfairy View Post
    Curious: how did you come to know that another Jayaraman horse suffered a condylar fracture which was diagnosed on Sunday, but not disclosed until Monday?
    Barnfairy I too saw that news cited here:Times Union Feb 9, 2010

    Ice said Jayaraman told him the reason for his dismissal was miscommunication between trainer and owner. Ice said he had an unraced 3-year-old — who he declined to name — come back from a workout on Sunday with a condylar fracture.

    Jayaraman said the horse’s name is Heavenly Truth and he is in Ocala, Fla. awaiting surgery on Wednesday.

    “He’s lame right now,” Jayaraman said. “I didn’t find out until Monday morning, nobody told me anything about it. They are like our babies. It was the final straw but, there a few other things going on.”
    Not sure if he's the type of owner who wants a call anytime of day and for any reason with his horses - or else.

    That said I'd assume Tim after being part of "team Jayaraman" for a year should've known the level of appropriate urgency expected with getting that kind of news to the owner.

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    They are like our babies.
    They are babies.

    That's not a dig at Jayaraman, I know what he meant by that and think his concern is admirable.

    His statement just struck a chord, that's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glimmerglass View Post
    Just how often does the owner drop trainers? Per the Herald-Leader:

    Not much to add there other then Ritchey may as well skip buying business cards proclaiming he's the trainer of Summer Bird.

    In the article where he got "fired" Ice mentioned he was looking for new clients. I'm sure he'll do just fine.

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    There is a rumor that MaryLou Whitney might give Ice some horses. He made friends during the campaign last year with SB, so he may be able to get some decent clients.

    I read that Dr J was upset that he wasn't notified about his horse getting hurt until Monday but there is no mention of when ICE was aware that the fracture had occured. Horses work and pull up and cool out on small fractures. They race on them. I don't know the exact situation but is is possible that the fracture wasn't found 'til the following day.
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