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    giddyupgirl64 Guest

    Default Sundowner trailer sold by Orchard Trailer Sales

    I purchased a Sundowner trailer from Orchard Trailers in October 07, last week discovered the issues with the steel frame corrosion, which mine is falling apart. When I bought the trailer it had been "reconditioned" top to bottom, it's an 02, they even "rust proofed" the frame. I also found out last night they had filed a lawsuit against Sundowner in August 07. When I spoke with the GM of Orchard Trailers last Wed., James, he claims they had no knowledge of the issues with the welds, corrosion until six months convenviently after I purchased this trailer...Is there anyone else out there who knows or has experienced this type of deception at the hands of Orchard Trailers? Our attorney is getting involved on Monday...

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    Dec. 12, 2004


    Is this Orchard Trailers of Western Mass?

    If so, no, I have never heard anyone say a bad word about them. In fact, I've dealt with them myself, when I was looking for my first trailer on a tiny budget. (Meaning that I would not be buying one of their new trailers) They were nothing but polite and helpful to me, even though I was just looking at their trade in trailers.

    I completely believe that they didn't know anything about the trailer. Remember, also, that it is your job to 1) carefully look over ANYTHING (horse, trailer, car, clothing) that you purchase and 2) properly take care of your purchase afterwards. Also, Sundowners, despite their high price tag, have some known issues that they seem to be slow to fix. I can't remember if what you describe is one of them.

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    Aug. 25, 2007


    Sorry to hear of your problems.

    In the world of horses in general the rule is "caveat emptor."

    You don't say where you live but you've made a good decision in getting your attorney involved. You might also get some help from your state's "consumer protection" folks.

    Good luck in dealing with the situation.


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    Jul. 10, 2001


    If you want, let me know if you need help. I have testing based on ASTM standards for powdercoating as well as electron microscope and energy dispersive spectroscopy that indicate the original powdercoating was substandard and did not meet ASTM requirements including metal contamination of the powdercoat and porosity that is present that allows water to penetrate the coating.


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    May. 8, 2004


    Reed, that is such a nice offer. To the o/p, I'm sorry you are stuck in such a tough situation. We bought our Kingston and Moritz trailers from Orchard and they were great to deal with. I hope they will be able to help you with this problem.

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    Dec. 15, 2005


    Have you talked with a Sundowner dealer? We had floor corrosion in both of our trailers. We went to a Sundowner dealer, and they promptly replaced the floors at no charge.

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    Oct. 25, 2007


    I think some dealers are better than others. I had a bad experience with a sundowner that I bought new at orchard, and it was sundowner that got involved and helped me.

    Have you contacted sundowner?

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    Nov. 10, 2004


    If your trailer is an o2 why is it not covered under the 8 year warranty?
    It seems the issue is with sundowner.

    I have an 04 . I heard about the frame issue and spoke with orchard in the winter of o8. At that point they had begun to become inundated with calls.

    I posted on another site I 'm going to go to tourbillion due to the fact they are a authorized dealer. I have an 04 and watching it carefully. I have already paid for the stripping and recoating and will need to remove the coating on the floor of my trailer this winter as it's begun to lift.

    Please let me know what you find out. I purchased my trailer from Action at the EA but have had it serviced it at orchard and have found the guys there (not in the sales department) to be helpful and informative. Right now-there is no love lost between them and sundowner I'm sure due to the number of trailers they have rebuilt and the lawsuit that was filed.
    Live life to the fullest-ride a standardbred!!!

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