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    Sep. 2, 2009

    Default Free Leasing contracts, shows....

    I have been exercising a horse for free (I help with stalls tho) There is no contracts or anything so its like a free lease I can do what ever and show him next year if I like. Here is the problem although I know the owner and she is very nice but I'm thinking if I am going to be riding him at shows I need a contract not just word of mouth. Something that says I have permission and can't get sued if he dies, colics or get injured when he is in my "care". I have insurance but I would like something concrete you know. I don't want to offend the owner so I'm just thinking I'll draw one up and say its for show purposes which it is but...I don't want to get in trouble because of an accident. He is still her horse and of course I will take care of him as if he was my own.

    Anyone have lease contracts made up out there, any advice?

    P.S sorry wrote this fast! Hope it makes sense

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    Nov. 9, 2007


    I don't know, to be honest that does not make a lot of sense to me. I have only ever done leases, and I've done a number of leases. I've done a free lease, and included in that was that I am responsible for medical bill if horse is injured. That's how a lease works. The horse belongs to you for X amount of time. During that time frame, you are to act basically as the owner of the horse, thus taking on those responsibilities. I've done half leases, in which case all medical bills were split in half. I paid half, the owner paid half. It didn't matter if the horse injured itself on "my" day or "their" day.

    What I am trying to say is that a) because you do NOT have a contract that states you lease the horse, and because there is nothing in writing that states you are responsible for the horse, I do not really see how you can be held accountable. of course, people will sue for anything, but you know.

    Blitz <3 & Leap of Faith <3

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    Sep. 2, 2009


    Thanks for the reply! I sorry it doesn't make much sense:P
    Well I guess if I was to take him to a show and something was to happen....Could she lie and say I had no permission to take him there and sue me for damages to her horse? I would offer to pay for all vaccins, hoof care and continue cleaning stalls. The situation is really I scratch your back you scratch mine. Her horse gets exercise and free training, I get a horse to ride and show. She is a very nice women, she owns 6 horses two rescues a TB who had a bad incounter with some farm machinery and an abused QH. Two other there girls ride her horses as well. The TB is not sound and will nerver be just out there being a horse she would have been put down. I just about cryed the other day when I saw her cantering around(its been a long road for both of them) The guy I ride was her daughters show horse hadn't been ridden in 4 years when I got there. She doesn't ride much herself and only one other in the family rides. My guys to much horse for either of them.
    She is really just happy seeing them used.

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    Sep. 10, 2008


    It is in your and the owner's best interest to have a written agreement. I had one when I free leased. If you do a search on here you can find many threads about what they should include and probably find some examples.

    The agreement should spell out who pays for what, and if something happens to the horse, who pays for that. You can approach the owner and say you just want to make everything clear up front because you are really excited about getting to show Dobbin, etc., and you know how horses are always trying to hurt themselves!

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    Nov. 11, 2009


    Generally, atleast around here, you pay all vet/board/farrier bills. Of the horse dies, which god forbid wouldn't happen, you pay a set sale or purchase price that was agreed upon when the lease began.

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