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    May. 27, 2008

    Default Med wt t/o with deep sides....not too $$$

    I have a 17.3 wbx who is not built like a tank, but needs deep side coverage. The best fit I have found is the 87" Rambo. Of course I got a bargain on it at the local tack shop because no one has a behemonth in the area! Any thoughts on the Shires 3-in-1 combo? I need a medium weight that won't leave me so poor.

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    Aug. 11, 2008


    Rambo first, but I also highly recommend Dover's Rider's Supreme. I've got a 15.3h TB with a 54" girth, and it covers him great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2horseowner View Post
    Any thoughts on the Shires 3-in-1 combo?
    I haven't tried that particular Shires blanket, but in the past I did have a couple of Shires blankets and found they did not have the coverage that I needed for my wide-load horse (smaller than yours, but big among my herd!). In particular, the drop was never enough, so his belly seemed exposed. Maybe they have changed the cut, but if you can't try it on or compare, I'd be a little hesitant about Shires for a big horse.

    Since your horse is an odd size (larger than most!), you might luck into another Rambo at a reasonable price if you check ebay or tack resale spots. I have a Pessoa that fits my big boy really well, but it is obnoxious orange and I lucked out finding it cheap online. I call it his hunting season blanket (of course, it is mud coated now and just plain brown).

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    Rhino is a cheaper version of Rambo (though still by Horseware) and they have a deep fit and wear well.
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    Aug. 23, 2006

    Default I second the Dover Rider's!

    I REALLY like the Dover Rider's turnouts! I've bought 4 of them now (have 3 horses) and they give great coverage...all 3 of my boys have, shall we say, "generous" physiques! LOL Yes, even Nickel has a hay belly now! Anyway, I've been very pleased with their quality, waterproof-ness (is that a word? it is now, I just made it up) and very get a lot of "bang for your buck!" They are in the $125-150 range for the medium weight. The first one I bought is 4 years old now and going strong...I haven't had to have anything repaired on it yet! I like that they also have several nice color choices.


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    May. 27, 2008


    Thanks to all for the suggestions. Horsepoor, I really appreciate the info on the Shires. I definitely don't need the "mini dress" look! I pulled my Dover sale catalog out and found the Rider's Horse blanket in the full fit description. They come in an 87". Will definitely order. Of course, I would love the Rambo, but I just don't won't the hefty price. Thanks again for all the help!

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    Turtleneck turnouts have deep sides.
    They have several weights in blankets, no fill,200gm, 300gm and up
    They also have a 2 year guarantee so they are a bargain in the long run.
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    Weatherbeetas run large, and have deep sides as well. So that might work out for you... they were the only thing that fit my last horse well. Order one size down -- my guy wore an 81" Weatherbeeta, but an 84" in everything else.
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