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    Jun. 1, 2002

    Default dental work

    Anyone else hate the dentist? I went in for a cleaning after losing my insurance, moving, then finding a new dentist.

    They took about 30 x rays, a full mouth x ray, digital pictures, and said they want cleanings every 3 months (my insurance covers every 6).

    They wanted one wisdom tooth out, one baby tooth, and they said I needed periodontal cleaning. They also want my other 2 wisdom teeth out because they are there but there is nothing wrong with them or their location. I didn't have insurance for about 4 years but I didn't have any cavities (but they gave me a perscription for special toothpaste), I brush twice a day, and my gums don't bleed when I floss (I'm also in my late 20s) so I'm skeptical.

    To top it all off the tooth next to my wisdom tooth that was removed now hurts! (nothing came up on x rays but a wisdom tooth problem)

    I want to do the right thing but I also don't want to be taken to the cleaners!

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    Jan. 27, 2003


    Um, kind of like a trainer situation...if you don't trust your dentist, you're with the wrong one.

    FWIW: by law the dental office has to do a consultation for your first appointment. They will tell you what's going on and make a treatment plan. It's SOP
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    Mar. 10, 2009


    I hated the dentist, lived in mind-bending terror of The Chair until I started going to my current dentist 10 years ago. He is so patient and gentle and just the nicest guy.
    It makes a difference, I think, that he is one of a dying breed: the solo practitioner. He is able to treat his patients the way his experience tells him it's best, without having to follow protocol set by the higher-ups in McDental Factory. (I understand the reason for McDentistry - most new dentists owe fortunes in student loans and can't afford the startup costs associated with a new practice).
    He doesn't try to hard-sell on whitening and deep cleanings and extra stuff. I'd go to him even if he wasn't on my dental plan: his pricing WITHOUT coverage is the same as my co-pay with the large practices.

    I'm having everything that needs doing, done now, because I live in fear that Dr. Percy will retire.

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    Oct. 14, 2004


    I used to go to a Dentist like that. I repeatedly told her I did not have dental insurance. Yet, she wanted to do everything in the book that I didn't feel was necessary.

    I changed Dentists and love the one I have now.

    Believe it or not he took X-rays and DID NOT charge me as he knew I didn't have dental insurance!!

    (Plus he offers Nitrous)

    If you feel taken to the cleaners, find a new one that you feel comfortable with.
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    Aug. 25, 2008


    Yup, there are dentists, and then there are DENTISTS, and sometimes you have to shop around to find one that you are comfortable with. It can help to discuss up front with them what you expect from your care (save your teeth, minimal care for the next 5 years, etc.). I am on a minimal plan till I finish grad school, for example, then I have some work that I have to get done, but my dentist and I both have a plan for when that should happen and how long I can put it off. In the meantime, if we have an emergency, we deal with that, and I get regular cleanings. I've had to have a couple of root canals in the meantime, and two caps, but I KNEW that they were necessary, and I didn't gripe about them, because he didn't charge me for the x-rays, and in the case of one of the root canals, he didn't charge me full price, either.

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    Nov. 10, 2002

    Default You need to check out other options and ask questions

    I'd be looking elsewhere. - it sounds to me like a pretty excessive plan for the few problems you've outlined. I'd be questioning heavily why? Why cleanings every 3 months? Did they say you have peridontal disease? Peridontal cleanings are no picnic. They're...uncomfortable at best.

    If the wisdom teeth aren't bothering you or causing other problems, why mess with them? I'm 52 yrs old and still have one wisdom tooth. It's embedded and will never come through, but it doesn't give me any problems so we leave it alone.

    Prescription toothpaste? Why? Are your teeth very, very sensitive?

    I hate going to the dentist. I had very poor dental care when young and so now have lots of problems. (soft teeth, extra sensitive etc). The mere idea of having my teeth cleaned is enough to trigger a migraine.

    Fortunately I found a man who is laid back, reasonable and willing to work with my touchiness. I've been with him for over 20yrs now. His attitude is "...we'll do as much or as little as you want...when you want it." He doesn't try to force me into whitenings, cosmetic procedures etc. Just wants me to be comfortable, functional etc. He's a rare gem and I dread the day he retires.

    For an initial exam, I would thoroughly expect a full set of exam etc. But some of the things you've described seem excessive to me.

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    Jun. 7, 2005
    Rochester, NY


    I hate the dentist. Lets see....

    -Had 5 wisdom teeth removed...yes....5.
    -Had 2 root canals.
    -Have 3 crowns...getting another in a few months.
    -Have 1.5 billion fillings. My mouth is full of metal and tooth colored ones.
    -Use prescription toothpaste.
    -Have to take Valium before all dental appointments due to my phobia.
    -Oh, had braces TWICE, and wore a retainer for years.
    -Novicane? Doesn't work on me. It gets my mouth numb, but I always feel the matter how many shots I get. They usually have to drill a hole in my jaw and shot novicane in there sometimes for better affect...and it doesn't usually work.

    Seriously....genetics screwed me over big time, and no matter how much great care I take of my teeth, I have soft enamel. My teeth always seem to hurt because they are super sensitive. Even routine cleanings are painful.

    I keep asking for them to just knock them all out and give me dentures, but at 26 years of age, they won't let me. Sigh.

    I feel your pain. With all this though, I do have a great dentist and I'd never switch dentists.
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    Jun. 1, 2002


    Well they said I have periodontal issues but I did some research and what I've seen is pretty awful and doesn't at all look like what I have in my mouth. They found a few pockets while poking my teeth then I had 1/2 of the cleaning which didn't hurt but I was given shots to be numb so I couldn't go back to work. So I'm wondering if it's some gingivitis that I can take care of with a normal cleaning, extra flossing, and listerine.

    I had one cavity filled that day, and the toothpaste is supposed to prevent cavities on a "area of decalcification"

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    Jan. 17, 2008
    Dutchess County, New York


    I cannot stand the dentist, and need chemical assistance to get through any work. And it is still awful. (I posted on an off topic day here about my dentist phobia!).

    Two things: one, you can get your teeth coated, which prevents cavities. They do it with kids now, and I've had it done because I would do anything to avoid filling a cavity.

    Two, I would get a second opinion. I once had a dentist tell me I had SIXTEEN cavities and I scheduled an appointment to begin the work. At the last minute my phobia kicked in and I cancelled an hour before the appt. I then avoided the dentist for a year. After that I went to a new dentist who found: NO CAVITIES!! I had been feeling bad for the last minute cancellation; once I learned he was taking me to the cleaners I was happy for whatever inconvenience I caused. Point: trust your gut! And get a second opinion.

    Good luck!

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    May. 11, 2009
    Dairyville USA


    Quote Originally Posted by enjoytheride View Post
    Well they said I have periodontal issues but I did some research and what I've seen is pretty awful and doesn't at all look like what I have in my mouth. They found a few pockets while poking my teeth then I had 1/2 of the cleaning which didn't hurt but I was given shots to be numb so I couldn't go back to work. So I'm wondering if it's some gingivitis that I can take care of with a normal cleaning, extra flossing, and listerine.

    I had one cavity filled that day, and the toothpaste is supposed to prevent cavities on a "area of decalcification"
    it actually does that-its supposed to help lay down new tooth (although tbh i don'[t really understand how it works, but i have bad teeth genetically and when i switched to the rx stuff it really helped)

    gee its hard thypiing sideways lol ((I Have a day off today so im bein lazy laying on the couch)
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    Jan. 19, 2009
    Pacific NW


    Been through both good and bad dentists. I LOVE my most recent dentist, but he's 900 miles away. I'm seriously considering flying down there instead of finding one here...

    I had the same problem as you, went to a new dentist and was told I needed deep cleaning, and all kinds of other work (including removal of a baby tooth). I figure if the baby tooth is functional and it's survived this long (my mother still has one at 80) there's no reason to take it out. I went to a different dentist and he told me I had great teeth in good health. I go every 6 months for a light cleaning and hardly need that.... And they leave my baby tooth alone!

    So, ask around, find one you are comfortable with.
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    Feb. 11, 2004


    Well it may sound like a lot of things to do, but if you haven't been to a dentist in years, maybe things have kinda "piled up". I agree that if it "ain't broke, don't fix it" with the wisdom teeth/baby tooth.

    My experience this year with my NEW dentist who is also an anaesthesiolgist (sp?)..

    July - went for first exam - got tons of xrays and a treatment plan.
    after I picked myself up off the floor from the expense proposed, I realized two things:

    1. I had put off dental work for YEARS because my son needed dental work worse than me and
    2. My phobia is so horrible I throw up at the dentist's office, turn pale, have passed out on this was the man for me..puts me out totally and so yep, I'll gladly pay the extra thousand to have him put me out totally. Not gas, not a shot, but give me the "good stuff" and when I wake's over.

    So in October, I write a darned hefty check to the dentist had 5 teeth removed, one filled and the right side of my mouth deep cleaned. My cost was 2100. and ins. paid 1500.

    Day before Thanksgiving - I had to go back for polishing and another exam by dentist - cost zero.

    January 2010..a partial to be made, the left side of my mouth will be deep cleaned, another cavity filled and a root canal and cap on the right side..I wrote a check to same dentist for 2082.00 yesterday. Insurance will pay 1500. plus I had some left over to carry forward from last check.

    After that is healed up..well then it's an implant - cost - 3500.00 - so that will have to wait until 2011.

    But it is because I want to be totally unconscious during the procedure and also because I put off my dental work for 10 years that I am paying more now that I would have had I done the work originally.

    Don't put off dental if you can help it. It costs much more. But I can't wait to point to my mouth and tell people "see my new car?"

    I LUV this's the only time I have been that I haven't been literally terrified. best experience in the world..go in, sit in chair, lay back, needle in, a tiny bit of gas, turn on the juice and then I wake up and it's over.

    I'd gladly pay for that. (even if I did have to save for two years to be able to afford it!). I am trying to get all the work done in case I get laid off and have NO insurance, and trust me - after this - I will never, ever put off going to the dentist again - even if it is just for a simple cleaning, I'll be there with bells on as this has been really hard to pay for and the pain the last two years was excruciating at times.

    You must be able to trust your dentist - you might want to get a second opinion though if you think something may be amiss (like dentist just wanting to make a buck). I think that a good dentist would be willing to sit down and explain why these things are necessary and what will happen if you don't get them. My dentist explained all the procedures to me and why I didn't need implants for all the teeth he removed (though he would be glad to put them in, he felt that due to teeth locations, it wasn't necessary and would save me money not to have it done). But the one implant he feels is necessary (location and bite). He also talks to me about pain and management of it after the process, and called me AT HOME to make sure I was doing ok after surgery. That was certainly "different" and said if I had any problems, to call no matter if it was the weekend.

    Sorry so long a post - but when you are my age and have lived in dread and terror of going to the dentist all your life, having one that you trust and who listens is worth every dime.

    That kind of service is good in my opinion. (and he also saw me yesterday and examined my mouth and discussed all options for future

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    May. 6, 2006
    Warren County, NJ


    I'm not all that keen on dentist either. However I really like my current dentist and totally trust him.
    I was a little nervous earlier this week to get a tooth prepared for crowning week after next and he said to me : "This tooth has had rootcanal work done in the past, so you don't need any sedative, painkiller, no nothing, we'll just drill like this and you won't feel a thing other then it being bumpy."
    I went triple , but he was right it didn't hurt.

    I have a mouth full of fillings, root canal work & crowns. I wonder if it's my sugary eating habits that got me this or just born with weak teeth. I'd like to believe the latter .

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    Nov. 13, 2007
    NW Louisiana


    The dentist my hubby used to go to, and then just started going back to recently, is the same way. Hubby does have some cavities, and needs one root canal, and wisdom teeth pulled, but there seriously is no real need for porcelains and a bunch of the other things they had recommended that I can't remember. I mean seriously, they want to do a bunch of porcelains for two slightly crooked front teeth?

    Of course they also take like 3 hours or so for a simple filling because they leave you sitting in the chair forever while they "check on paperwork".

    We will be switching at the first of the year.

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