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    Default Tongue over bit

    Hi all

    My horse now and then gets his tongue over the bit, whether it's a french link, or plain snaffle. I have a bridle with a crank, but not my show bridle. I raise the bit up and tighten the nose band, but just looking for suggestions for bit suggestions, such as the Pessoa Magic King Dee. All input welcomed!! Happy Thanksgiving All!

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    Well there are a number of things you can try... different bits would be the first place to start. Straight bars rather than broken mouthpieces (best with a mullen curved mouthpiece, or a big tongue groove) sometimes help. There are also bits with a "tongue depressor" spatula on a center link, which the horse can not get the tongue over. Otherwise, a tongue tie will keep the tongue where it should be. A leather tongue tie strap works best and is the most confortable, but it isn't something that you would keep on all day. Whether or not it is something you can show in or not is debatable, depends on the disciplines you show in, and the levels that you show at. The hope would be that if it was used in training consistantly for a while, that it would be no longer needed as the horse becomes more comfortable keeping his tongue on the correct side of the bit. Another possibility is a "running W" which fits under the bridle, a secondary item in the horse's mouth that acts as a tongue depressor separately from the bit.

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    any other suggestions? thanks

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    Tongue Tie (as used with racehorses), Snaffle bit with a tongue controller (also used on the track):

    This is a "running w" that Nancy was speaking of:
    The "W" goes in the horses mouth, but I don't think it would be legal to use in shows.

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    My TB can put his tongue over any jointed bit I put in his mouth. I use a rubber mullen mouth and he can't get his tongue over the straight bit.

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