I recently took my mare down to Middleburg for a nuclear scan (and xrays and nerve blocks), as she has been NQR and we couldn't figure her out. The scan showed arthritis in her lower back, a very inflamed SI, and fusing hocks. She is a 7 year old TB cross.

We injected her SI and did shockwave and mesotherapy to her back. She flexes sound on her hocks, so we aren't doing anything there yet, though we did pull blood for IRAP injections if needed.

For those of you dealing with arthritic backs, what do you do to keep your horses comfortable? She gets regular massages, is on a joint supplement (right now Cosequin with MSM but am thinking of switching her to Platinum Performance CJ), and I am considering a Back on Track sheet. Anything else I can do to keep her comfortable?

I had to give her a week off following the injections. She has been back under tack for 4 days now, just walking the first two days and am up to 15-20 minutes of trot. So far, so good.

Thanks for any insight!