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    Dec. 28, 2002
    From the South

    Default This year I'm thankful for

    OK, a little early, but here are mine. I'm thankful that my hubby and I both have good jobs, both of us have good health, (finally for him), that my trainer knows that 2'6 looks higher than 3'6 did in my younger days, that my sister will be around to have Thanksgiving with her family, although she might not make it to Christmas, ovarian cancer is a b+++h, but, she has survived longer than expected. I'm thankful for all my friends and family. After all, the small stuff doesn't matter. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    Life is great when you can hug a horse.

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    May. 7, 2009


    I too am soooo thankful for my family. Even my teenage boys who are currently making my little girls run and scream.
    I am thankful that Dh and I both have jobs that are not only good but that we LIKE, and that said jobs allow us plenty of time to spend with our kids.
    I am thankful for our animals both canine and equine, they make life a lot more fun.
    I am thankful for my friends, without them I would be lost, they help me remember how much I have to be thankful for.
    And last but not least I am thankful for this life, it may not always be easy but boy is it interesting!!
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone
    If you are lucky enough to ride, you are lucky enough.

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    Jan. 12, 2007

    Thumbs up

    I am thankful for God & family of course!

    But this is a horse board so here goes:

    #1 the wonderful animals that live here.

    #2 Their great health - I am blessed!

    #3 That I sold all my clients spendy horses for them just before the market softened this fall!!!!!(and collected tidy commissions).

    #4 For Susie from Michigan and BuddyRoo who helped her find her way here - they are both WONDERFUL!

    #5 for a decent show season.

    #6 For the circus trailer - you'd have to see it to understand.

    #7 That my truck is in good repair despite having nearly 200K miles on it - going for 25K more in 2010!

    #8 A GREAT hay guy!

    #9 A great deal on small squares.

    #10 My summer camp & 4H

    And Thank the Lord for all i have my cup runneth over!!!!!!
    "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there"

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    Nov. 30, 2006
    Washington DC


    I am thankful for my sanity
    "My shopping list is getting long but I will add the marshmallows right below the napalm." -Weighaton

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    Sep. 13, 2006
    At the back of the line


    I am thankful that AFAIK no one (who really cared) lost a horse at our barn in 2009.

    I am thankful for trainers/BOs/RIs who go above/beyond to get hay/bedding/grain even when its scarce.

    I am thankful that we have 1 horse thats worked out fnie for DD. The jurys deliberating on the other but there are people that want him if I dont.

    I am thankful to have a job, must less a job that allows me to go to any shows I can manage!
    “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

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    Feb. 27, 2003


    I'm thankful most of all for Mr. Blueboo, who embraced my dream of a farm with both arms and whole heartedly, and who only sort of blinked when I said "Honey, we're moving to Kentucky".

    Who also simply shakes his head and says "Sure Honey" when I say "I want.....(fill in... minature donkey, turkeys, geese, chickens, a pig, another horse or two....or three......)"

    I'm thankful that we both have jobs (he after 11 months of temp work), and while I hate mine, and he loves his (and I'd love his too ) we ARE both working and all the bills are paid.

    I'm thankful for my brother and sister - both of whom live where we left from, but who fully understand and even approve of why we moved.

    I'm thankful that our animals are all healthy, and that each and every one of them follows us around whenever and wherever they're allowed to - not a scaredy cat in the bunch.

    And I'm thankful that FINALLY, I can look out my window and see my 'kids' knee deep in grass with room to roam and roll and run and buck - and be what God intended them to be - happy, loved and at peace in their personal world.
    "The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear" ~ Socrates

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    Feb. 9, 2006
    ol Virginny


    I am Thankful for my devoted hubby. (married 32 years today!)

    I am Thankful that DH has a good job to go to daily and allows me to stay home and be a horsey and doggie mom to all of our rescues and retirees.

    I am Thankful that I have a wonderful sister and great friends.
    Save lives! Adopt a pet from your local shelter.

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    Dec. 10, 2001

    Default I have so much to be thankful for

    I have a wonderful husband, who makes terrific hay, repairs all the breakage, and is working on putting in more pasture, again. His business is doing well, I'm very thankful for that.

    I'm thankful my children have grown into the adults I always hoped they would be, and two out of three will be here for Thanksgiving! I'll miss the other one, but the Navy has first dibs.

    I'm thankful for the neighbors who all went out into the rain yesterday, in the middle of bear season, to help search for our Rogue Steer We got the twit back, but it was tempting to have a bonfire/barbeque on the spot

    I'm thankful for all of my boarders, who trust me with their wonderful horses. Each horse is well behaved, and a joy to have here.

    I'm thankful for the two horses I get to ride, my mare Willow, and my daughters Gelding Phoenix. They make me want to ride forever.

    And I'm thankful for all the things I've learned on CoTH, good and bad

    Facta non verba

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    May. 9, 2008


    It's been a hard year, really hard. But it is also a very blessed year.

    I am thankful for:

    The little farm that we paid $52k for 10 years ago. We were preapproved for a $210k mortgage and my DH said insisted we buy something we knew we could always pay the mortgage on. Today, we have a mortgage payment lower than rent on a one bedroom apartment AND equity!!! It's warm, quiet and it's home.

    I am thankful for my DD. She busted her butt in school and was accepted at Penn State as an early admission student for 2010. She decided to attend online (she's only 15 so it is best anyway) so she can stay active in our program. I love her...she is the best.

    I am thankful for my dear friends, and for our program and for Special Horses. I am thankful that I get to help people and is a win-win.

    I am thankful for sunkissed acres...for giving me my forever horse, even if forever was only 243 days. I am also grateful for Katie, Paco, Firefly, Rye and little Bodie. Thank you Lori, you always know which horses are perfect for our kids, but also for my heart.

    I am thankful that my Mom is finally on the mend. I have my Mommy back, and this time last year we almost lost her.

    I am thankful for my husband. He works so hard and loves us so much. He is my best friend and the love of my life.

    I am thankful for help make dreams come true everyday. You may not realize it, but you all have a collective power that trumps Santa Claus on his best day

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!
    I Loff My Quarter Horse & I love Fenway Bartholomule cliques

    Just somebody with a positive outlook on life...go ahead...hate me for that.

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    Nov. 7, 2006
    Lexington, VA


    I am thankful for my wonderful husband of 36 years who stands by me no matter what mess I may get myself into.
    I am thankful for my friends (local and COTH) who helped us get through the ordeal with Willie.
    I am thankful that we have our part-time jobs and are managing to keep our heads above water with all our vet bills this year. (Also thankful for all the stained glass orders I've been getting lately. )
    I am thankful that the first thing I see when I come out to the barn is Willie's face, and the first thing I hear is his welcoming nicker. I am thankful for my wonderful vets and farrier who made this possible.
    I am thankful to live in the U.S. in a beautiful part of the country. God bless us all.
    stained glass groupie

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    Nov. 23, 2007
    Wherever Horses Are...


    This is Great !!!

    I am Thankful for My Family who's love and support keeps me going .

    I am Thankful for the wonderful " partner" I have who is so understanding of the horse world and how my life revolves around it . LOL.

    I am Thankful for the great Yearling I own and who brings so much joy to my life and all the aspirations & dreams I have for him showing On The Line this year!

    And Thankful for knowing and having " Ginny Hood" of JG Appaloosas in my life to provide me such a horse . To mentor me. And to be my friend.
    I am missing her already and very sad with her loss with her battle of Lung Cancer.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy !!!!!!
    "YOU create your own stage. The audience is waiting."

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    Oct. 18, 2000


    I'm thankful for my wonderful Mr. JSwan, my family, and friends.

    I'm thankful that they are all in good health, have jobs and a roof over their head.

    I'm thankful that they will all be at my little tiny house over the next few days,

    And I'll be thankful when they leave!!!!

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    May. 29, 2008


    I am thankful to have the best family and friends who support me in everything that I do.

    I am thankful to have a job. And while I don't love it, it pays the bills and is allowing me to finally look into becoming a homeowner.

    I am thankful for my BO/trainer who constantly encourages me to be better than I am. Who gives me her horses to ride, even though I know she'd rather be riding them. Who introduced me to the 4 legged love of my life.

    I am thankful for my horses. They give me 110% every single ride. Kaye knows what I am asking even when I don't. She keeps me safe, and keeps me going even when I'm a little bit scared. X, my baby, my love, is always there with a warm neck and his soft breath, making me feel like everything will be alright in the end. I'm thankful that Miss is still with us for another holiday. I know the day is coming (sooner rather than later) that we will have to make the decision to let her go, and I cherish everyday that she is with us.

    I am thankful for COTH. That I have met this wonderful group of people from all over the world. I know I always have a place to go for advice, the latest gossip, to brag about my wonderful ponies and to find understanding and kind words during the tough times. And even for the heated debates.


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    May. 28, 2002


    I'm thankful that my parents are still alive (my father has defied the odds this year, yet again), that my horses are happy and healthy, that hubby is happy and healthy and that I have managed to keep my head above water and see the positive in what has been a pretty lousy year from an economic standpoint. Just trying to find the positive and avoid the negative!

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    Nov. 1, 2009


    Thankful for my health, no crash and burns this year. Also thankful for my little QH, a gift from god, that I can trust my life on, and my family and friends who love me and my horses. Also thankful to have a farm with no debt, no one take it away.

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    Dec. 17, 2007
    Meadowview VA


    I, too, am thankful for my DH who is actually glad we have 4 horses and six dogs, and now is the one that will try to get stray dogs to come to him when we see one. He reads my horse books and magazines and is able to provide a knowledgeable (?) discourse on horse care.
    I am thankfull that I have a good job with a flexible schedule. DH stays home with the animals, which is a big relief to me.
    I am thankful that Maxi Man, my PekeAPoo "barn dog" runs to meet me every afternoon when I drive up the driveway. He doesn't care if he's covered in mud and has been recycling horse poop, so I guess I don't either.
    I am thankful that my parents, who have both passed on and were defintely not horsey, paid for lessons when I was a teenager.
    I am thankful that my horses/pony are a joy to be around and can revel in cold, windy, rainy, muddy weather when I am wimping out inside on the couch with a cup of hot tea.
    I am thankful that George the Basset's stubborn streak is carried out in the most pleasant way-tail wagging continuously while he refuses to listen to any of my suggestions .
    And I am thankful to Tennessee Valley Hunt, who were most welcoming when I attended, sans horse, their intro to foxhunting clinic. I have never met a more encouraging, laid back group of people.

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    Feb. 28, 2006
    Central IL


    I have so very much to be thankful for, that this would be hard for me to condense!

    The largest are, simply, that I am thankful for all the great people who support our rescue. Without you, we would be unable to do the work we do. And, I am thankful for my DH who is our full time farm manager and primary trainer and farrier. Plus, I am thankful that I have a good job at a stable company that we can afford for Mike to be able to manage the farm fulltime without a salary.

    I am abundantly thankful for my 2 daughters, and for the incredible joy my nearly 3 year old granddaughter brings, and saddened that I will spend turkey day without her (they moved to Colorado, sigh).
    Best wishes to all,
    AnnMarie Cross, Pres, Crosswinds Equine Rescue,
    Sidell IL (near Champ./UofI/Danville IL/IN state border)

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    Oct. 28, 2004


    Quote Originally Posted by LearnToFly View Post
    I am thankful for my sanity
    That's alot more than I can say. What's sanity??

    I'm thankful that my horse stayed as clean as she did. I'm not, however, thankful for that mud puddle she must have found.
    Horsey Stick Art clique
    Crayolaposse~ SparklyLime
    PPP Grand-Poobah

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    Feb. 9, 2009
    it used to be country


    A job I do really love, healthy family, friends that can be depended on, healthy critters that love me (or at least pretend 'til after feeding time) an amazing bunch of outlaws, family by default, step-daughters mothers & step-fathers families.
    That this year nobody is in the hospital.
    All in all life is pretty sweet.
    I get to cook all day tomorrow and my sister cleans up!!

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    Apr. 22, 2003
    Belleville, IL

    Talking For God's grace

    This last year has been one of the most challenging in my life. I will be facing 2010 with a massive lifestyle change, and spent most of 2009 terrified that I would lose my beloved horses.

    However, God is providing a way for me AND my Fur Family. He is giving me a way to have my 5 trusty steeds in my new life, as well as most of the cats, dogs and all the parrots.

    If anyone doesn't think that God cares about you, or is detached and remote, just drop me a PM. I am here to say that He DOES care, and has provided a way for me to keep what is near and dear to my heart.

    I know that 2010 will hold many more upsets as I move into my new life, but I know I can handle it with God behind me. And of course, my beloved Fur Family.
    Tulsa-QH; Schnickelfritz-Holsteiner; Atikus-Danish Warmblood; Buddy-QH/TB; Winston-Shire; Thomas-Percheron/TB; Mac-Belgian Draft, gone but never forgotten

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