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    Mar. 14, 2007

    Default waterproof turnout sheets and layering

    vs. the heavy waterproof blankets.

    Anyone else prefer this method? I found, once I kept nice turnout sheets over liners, fleece coolers, or stable blankets, it was much easier to launder the 'next to the horsey' stuff. And, you launder the 'not waterproof' liners that way, and do less damage to the waterproofed outerwear by less washings, as well as its nice to be able to bring them in from a rainy day, and only take off the outer wet sheet and hang it up to dry while they'll still have on their warm stable blanket---

    However---I'd like to know, do you guys feel 'waterproofing' has improved in some of the newer blanket/sheets? Do you find there are ANY that would keep their 'waterproof' qualities if washed (of course with the correct instructions/blanket wash, whatever)......

    I'd LIKE to find a high necked, all one piece sheet that is the best wearing/best waterproofed one...(kinda like this in style, but not necessarily this one )

    Anyone have any recommendations ?

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    Jun. 16, 2007
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    No rec's, but I've been doing the layering method also and wondering about the pros/cons of this vs one heavier blanket.
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    Aug. 30, 2007
    Illinois, USA


    Doing the layering system would just mean twice as much laundry and work for me. My mare lives outside 24/7, so the outer layer would get really dirty. And I'd still have to clean the liner occasionally as well. I'd rather just clean one sheet/blanket when it's unbearably dirty, rather than having to mess with layers.

    My mare also doesn't seem to like layering very much, it ends up being rather heavy compared to just one blanket, IME.
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    Oct. 26, 2005
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    i like layering with fleece for several reasons. First, my herd is destructive! They will tear a blanket in a minute. So most of my heavy turnouts have holes patched with ....yep....duct tape. So rather than ruin those, I started using a fleece liner and a waterproof sheet. For some reason they don't seem as easy to snag or tear as the heavier stuffed turnouts, even Rambos. Fleece is easy to wash in my machine at home too, and the sheet can be hosed off and dried on the fence if they roll in it.
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    Nov. 10, 2005


    I layer, but always with outside clothes. My mare(out 24/7-365) lays down even in the wet cold months and I found that a stable blanket layered under a turnout defeated the purpose because it would soak up water when she laid down and then she would be wet under her turnout. Also it is easier for the barn manager to pull off a layer when the temps are warmer during the day, yet still have turnout/waterproof attire on. Right now (temps haven't been that cold so far here in Va) she is wearing a turnout sheet and a heavy weight turnout blanket. When it stays consistantly cold she will get another blanket and her neck cover. I had looked at a blanket similar to picture link posted, but like the versatility of being able to remove the neck piece when not needed.

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    Oct. 5, 1999
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    I use a waterproof sheet when it rains. Mine are not clipped this year, so I don't use a liner, they get sweaty if I do.

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    Feb. 28, 2006
    Central IL


    I splurged on a Shires blanket for a 23 year old high needs OTTB who cannot manage the cold no matter how much hair she grows, 2 years ago. It is FANTASTIC. It washes well, is incredibly durable, doesn't lead, has long sides to help cut the wind. If only it had a belly band, i would consider it perfect! the one i bought has an attached neck cover that goes up to her ears but does not attach to her halter, and has done wonders.

    I have photos, somewhere, if someone would like to see....

    AnnMarie Cross, Pres, Crosswinds Equine Rescue,
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