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    Default excessive pooping

    OK, so it may sound strange -- but my Mustang who tends to be an air fern, is muzzled except for meals-- but still manages to create 4-6 ( even up to 10) poop piles during a ride. They are typically normal amount and normal consistancy. Generally doesn't stop to poop - just slows down, so he's not getting out of work. Does seem to be gassy at times. Tends to overeat if he is not muzzled ( thinking this has to do with wild nature and the hit or miss amount of hay that is available in his field). We feel so bad to keep him muzzled but when we don't he becomes very fat and bloated - to the point that he appears uncomfoprtable ( and I can't even get my legs around him).
    Any ideas??? Some people think he over eats due to his "Mustang" nature of not knowing where the next meal is going to be, others have said they think his pooping is due to being efficent in his metabolism. I'm not sure what to think.

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    That does sound like something is going on with his metabolism or digestion.
    The thing that sounds odd is how you say he looks uncomfortable if he eats too much. It sounds like not just being overweight but maybe being gassy (which you also mention)? What does he eat? Maybe it's the wrong thing for him and he can't digest it? A lot of horses have issues with corn for example.
    Ten poops in one ride (how long can it be) just seems too much. I think once every 2 hours or is it 4, is considered 'normal'.

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