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    Default Fencing dilemma - please help!

    I don't think anyone follows my posts so I will give a bit of background.

    I have a mare who is mostly blind, maybe 2.5 years ago a horse I had ran her through the fence (or so I thought). I had hi tensile that my FIL had put up when he used to keep cows at my DHs many years ago. I had gotten a gelding back unexpectedly from a lease and my barn was full so I brought them home before I had a chance to redo all of my fence like I wanted. At the time I was not sure just how limited her vision was, she coped very well.

    When I got pregnant with DS1 I leased her out as a broodmare so I would have time to fix everything for her. Her leasor had no issues with her adjusting, kept her with two strands of electric tape, out 24/7 all summer in and out in winter. I refenced and basically did everything they did since she did so well in that setup.

    Fast forward to her coming home. All is well... three days after she is home and out with my other made my fence is down but horses are in. I thought a deer got tangled in it, two posts were very bent and one was broken off. The girls were not at all shook up and not a scratch.

    Last night, nearly two months later, fence is down closer to my house and driveway and the girls are out and down the driveway (1000+ feet) at 4am. I have got to fix this fencing ASAP so they cannot get out, I am sick over it.

    Thankfully my FIL lives next door so they will be hanging out in his ring temporarily until I fix it with an over hang off a barn so they are not without shelter.

    She is wearing a blanket and two people have mentioned perhaps she cannot feel it through it.

    COTH... what should I do to make this safe? In laws suggested a pen of corral panels cutting my shed in half so she can get in and out. My other idea is horse wire fence and leaving up the tape as well to keep them from leaning on it.

    Not sure if more strands would help?

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    It seems weird to me to expect a blind horse to find their way around by shocking themselves on a fence.

    I would find her a place (build one) that the perimeter fencing is solid and safe and does not shock her every time she makes a mistake and gets too close to it.

    It sounds like she has a problem with one of the horses she is out with at home. Can you adjust your groupings to determine who is causing the issue for her?

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    I have had a horse who figured out that if they hit the light electric fence fast and hard it would break, giving minimum shock. After moving to a sturdier fence, with a higher shock value, it was never challenged again.

    Perhaps you are looking at the wrong horse as the culprit.
    Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their teacher; they never change themselves.

    Remember the horse does all the work, we just sit there and look pretty.

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    Jun. 24, 2006


    Oh I apologize the horse that was the culprit was rehomed years ago and after that incident she was never out with him again. I only have two mares, lol.

    Casey is almost totally blind but does have limited vision in one eye. So the thought was is the rope had better visibility for her (what little she has) and she can hear the fencer clicking and knows where her boundaries are.

    I can definitely change her fencing if needed. I have never seen her hit the fence, she knows by memory where her hay and water trough are (if I move them she initially goes to where they normally are then has to find them again) and that is how I believe she is handling the fencing. The woman who leased her said she only hit it one time and they never had an issue afterwards, or I would never have put it up. Obviously it is trial and error.

    Interesting thought about the culprit being my other mare. I have seen her lean up against the fence if it was off, and bump it when she has her blanket on and not react. That may actually make more sense, Casey was kept behind electric rope fencing by her old owner for years (before she lost her sight, that was after I got her) and never had an issue.

    Hope that clears it up some, I am posting from my phone so I rushed through it a bit.

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    Jun. 24, 2006


    Merry go round, that makes a lot of sense... I haven't even seen Casey trot around since she came home, she is extremely calm. Mia, my other mare, on the other hand is much spicier than she is, and, much as I love her, more of a PITA personality in general.

    I was wondering how the hell you walk through electric fence and break it like that.

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