Maggie is a 5 year-old registered Appendix mare. She is 15.1 hands, a flashy bright red chestnut with a white blaze and one sock and quite a bit of roaning over the body. She looks like she might still grow a bit.

Her registered name is "Awindyborder."

Maggie and I had an accident in April and both of us were injured. She flipped over and damaged the meniscus in her left hind; she's been injected, but prognosis is not good for 100% recovery. We've also discovered an older high suspensory in the left fore. I bought her as small hunter prospect, and even if we can get her riding sound, it doesn't seem like she'll make it back for that career.

She is a lovely, sweet, gregarious girl with tons of personality. Prior to our accident, she'd been a pretty steady girl, even though she was young and green. She's got a pretty trot and really lovely canter, with a big step for a little girl.

I live in an urban area and turnout is limited to a couple hours a day. I think the best prospect for Maggie's mind and body is going to a place where she can spend most of her time outside just being a horse, maybe even as a broodmare for some time. She is getting bored and anxious not being in a program, and the hand-walking isn't cutting it.

This is a tough decision for me. I just bought her in February and I'm still recovering from the accident myself. I'm not in the position to keep multiple horses where I live, it's just too expensive, and I'd like to get back to riding myself now that I'm mostly healed.

I hope it doesn't sound as if I'm trying to dump her because of her injury. I really don't think she is thriving right now and I'd like to find her a place where she can. She is safe with me until I can find the right home or we discover that the injury precludes her even being remotely sound; I won't let her face an unkind end.

If you've got room in your barn and your heart for a very pretty pasture pet, who may be lightly rideable at some point, I hope you'll consider her. Sorry for the length of this, I just care a great deal about being honest in my search for a good place for my girl.