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    Default Weird Skin Condition

    Over the past year or two my horse has developed a weird skin condition. The best way to describe it is that her skin and coat flake off but her skin comes off as a gross black residue. It comes and goes. Sometime it's bad and sometimes it's alright. And fortunately it occurs in patches and not over her entire body, though her face is generally a bad area.

    The vet has come out multiple times and has done bloodwork, and even he is not 100% sure what's going on. He thought it my might be a thyroid problem and put her on a thyroid supplement.

    I feel the condition is best managed with extensive grooming, and I do mean EXTENSIVE. But even with all we do she still looks dull.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has dealt with anything like this. 3 years ago she was a beautiful shiny horse. I want to get her back there again.

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    Might be fungus - check out the information on this site:

    I've used this product on a multitude of skin conditions, rain rot, cannon bone crud, and the black flaky skin you are talking about with terrific results.
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