Evan is a 20 y/o PSG gelding who hasn't been in consistent work in almost 2 years due to owner's demanding career and health issues. He wants his job back.

He is a 17.2hh Dutch WB, and has a goofy personality. He can occasionally be a bit spooky so he is not a beginner's horse (does not act his age, either). Lateral work and flying changes are his specialty, but it will take some slow reconditioning before getting there.

Evan loves going to shows so it might be a good fit for someone looking to work on their 3rd level scores for their Bronze. Experience riding through 1st/2nd would be very helpful.

Evan has made some wonderful experiences possible for me (took me as a YR from 2nd to PSG), and the right fit is important. He is located at a barn (heated with an indoor) in Wadsworth, IL, and for now I want to keep him there with my other horse. Some lessons would be required with a GP trainer who has ridden him and comes to the barn. I think someone who wants to ride 3x/week would be the right fit, although they would be able to ride much more until I'm back in the saddle (and as I hate to admit it, probably almost all the time).

Please PM me if you're interested.