I do not own a WB stallion and (so far) the stallions I've bred to were tested in Germany.

But I like to keep up and I'm sure someday I might breed to an American- bred & tested stud. However, I really rely on the testing scores, especially for younger stallions, and I'm concerned that it's starting to get like a kid's birthday party -- everybody gets a prize.

Now they have the 30/70 testing in Germany, and I read on the OldNA site that they are sponsoring a test where the stallions can "choose" if they want to be tested in jumping/hunters or dressage. Did

Then RPSI is still holding a 30/70 test?

Do they do ANY 100 d tests in Germany anymore? Will they be doing any 100 d tests here in America?

What are your thoughts on these "specialized" tests? To me I want as much info on a stallion as I can get, and I'm not sure these sort of tests will provide it. Also, are they still evaluating stuff like leg conformation, gaits, etc?

For instance, does Celle still do it's 11 month thing? One of the things that sold me on Rubino Bellisimo was that he completed his 11 month Celle testing barefoot. I was impressed! Call me an uneducated rube, but I like to know stuff like that, because all the talent in the world doesn't help a horse if it can't say sound.

Educate me and tell me if you think these new "trends" are good or bad for WB breeding in general and US WB breeding in particular.