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    Feb. 26, 2008

    Default Regular Breastplate vs. 5 Point for Big Shouldered horse??

    I just got a new mare and she kind of has loaded shoulders. Does anyone have experience with using a regular vs a 5 point breastplate for a horse with loaded shoulders? Which one worked better??
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    Aug. 10, 2009


    what ever works best. Breastplates can be a little like jeans, one type is not always the best fit for every horse.

    I have tried the 5 point on many horses and there is just to much there for a lot of horses and my big shoulder horse I ended up just taking the top attachments off and rode in it like the CWD breast plate which I like.

    I find the CWD fits more kinds of horse shape than many others. it is so adjustable in so many places I have 3 and they just fit everyone (well I have 2 normal sized) and a larger one for the giant drafties. LOL sits wear the old polo one used to but no shoulder impediment ...

    There are a couple elitist.. ooops maybe purist whatever you want to call them that feel it necessary to voice out how ridiculous they feel about lower level folks running around in fancy 5 way breastplates. Makes me chuckle as after function it is all what floats your boat. If you like them buy one but try it first, I had trouble in moving them from horse to horse as they are not as easy to adjust but since I was given one by saddle maker I keep it for the one horse it fits well! TRY or borrow a couple to see which you like the function, fit and lastly style of... Good luck
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    Azle, Teh-has


    I agree. Those 5 points have too much stuff for me.

    I always choose a collar over anything else.
    I have never had issues fitting them no matter the shape of horse.
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    I have a 5-point for my big shouldered horse. I had to do massive adjustments where the fuzzy part is to make it fit.

    Here is how it is adjusted for him. More elastic up than attached to the girth:

    In terms of fit, I think his nunn finer hunting was easier to fit to him, but I feel when he jumps, the way I have the 5 point adjusted, it gives him more freedom through the shoulder.

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