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    Oct. 9, 2008

    Default Cleaning/Sanitizing neoprene boots

    How do you clean and sanitize your neoprene open front and ankle boots? That is safe for a sensitive, just clipped pony's legs.

    Some one borrowed my pony's new eskadron boots conveniently, their horse has a nasty unknown fungi science project sort of thing growing on their horses legs. No one told me until said fungi appeared on my pony's legs. So I want to sanitize everything that has come in contact with my horses legs to keep anything from spreading even further. Ive got everything almost under control on my guys legs, but havent put anything on his legs so nothing gets spread.

    Could I simply soak them in a diluted bleach solution and rinse well? or would that destroy my boots. Any help is appreciated. The boots are almost brand new too

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    Mar. 13, 2009


    That's really horrible!

    I would probably wash the boots by hand with betadine scrub (iodine) or similar, rinse well and then do a regular wash with regular detergent in the washing machine. Just make sure you do up all the velcro first!

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    Nov. 9, 2007


    scrub first (wearing gloves--you dont know if this fungus affects humans too) with antibacterial soap. then clean with hydrogen peroxide (go for a higher concentration if you can find it) or betadine. i would avoid bleach.

    thats really awful about them not telling you though so inconsiderate!

    Blitz <3 & Leap of Faith <3

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    May. 1, 2006
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    I toss mine in the washer with Pine-sol.

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    Jun. 17, 2001
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    Had a terrible time a few years back with girth fungus...finally got rid of it by FREEZING it overnite.

    Almost impossible to get everything with a scrub or dip in the bleach, especially if you have velcro or other fabric or fleece. Plus the bleach will shorten the life of the neoprene.

    But the science project fungi crap cannot survive freezing temps. We just put the stuff outside overnite, you can just put it in the freezer-stick it in a plastic bag if you want, it's the temp that will kill it so makes no difference.
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    We use the stuff they put on roses to kill fungus. Can't remember the name but go to a nursery, they'll tell you what to use. Works great.

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    Jan. 1, 2008


    Pinesol is not a disinfectant.

    I run mine through the dishwasher along with brushes, hoof picks, lead ropes, etc. Seems to work. I do have a new dishwasher that sanitizes.

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    Aug. 24, 2006


    I always disinfected by throwing the boots, saddles pads, whatever in the wash with both a regular detergent and an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial agent along with it. Always worked wonderfully! Had a terrible fungal outbreak that had all but two horses in the barn itching and sore, so every single day for a month I was washing a good 7 loads of saddle pads, boots, you name it as well as disinfecting bridles and halters by hand. It sucks!
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