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    Default Conversion disorder and riding?

    Doing some reading for my job and I came across this reference. In all my years in the sport, I have never heard of this happening to a rider. Has anyone else had any experience with this? Just curious.

    According to psychodynamic theory, conversion symptoms develop to defend against unacceptable impulses.5 The primary gain, that is to say the purpose of a conversion symptom is to bind anxiety and keep a conflict internal. A fairly transparent example would be leg paralysis after an equestrian competitor is thrown from his or her horse. The symptom has a symbolic value that is a representation and partial solution of a deep-seated psychological conflict: to avoid running away like a coward, and yet to avoid being thrown again. From:

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    I believe it, though I haven't seen it specifically in a rider. One of the truck drivers that comes through our quarry has it and it's absolutely unreal...

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