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    Default Storage / Lean To on a Budget

    I need some ideas and suggestions... and maybe a little hand-holding.

    Hubby and I have three acres with no out buildings. Thus far, we've been using the horse trailer for hay storage. Our garage is essentially taken over with the lawn tractor, tractor attachments and horse stuff. Shelter for the horses consists of whichever tree they choose to stand under during a storm.

    I need room for hay storage and farm equipment with shelter for the horses. What's the best way to go about this? Do I need a stall? I want a stall just in case of injury to one of the hoodlums. Thus far, the worst they've done to themselves was a small chest puncture and lower leg laceration that required 2x/day wrapping... but no stall rest.

    Anyway, we had 20x30 building w/ lean quoted, and the guy came back at $20k. No can do. I think I could actually get decent 2-3 stall barn up for that amount. We're on the Gulf Coast, so hurricanes could be a factor. We get a lot of wind.

    Does anyone have a DIY shed/lean? How long did it take? Cost?

    More basic, HOW? I don't know what I'm doing or where to start. Assuming I need to get someone out to quote me a slab...
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    I'd look into these:
    Lots of styles and less than the 20K you were quoted.
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    Look at They have prebuilt run-ins that just might work for you. We priced a 10 x 36 run in including delivery to us in Kentucky for only $5500. You do have to have a level spot for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraKY View Post
    Look at They have prebuilt run-ins that just might work for you. We priced a 10 x 36 run in including delivery to us in Kentucky for only $5500. You do have to have a level spot for it.
    Ditto. They're Amish built and very sturdy.
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    Ditto Horizon Structures or Eberly Barns, which produces a similar product :

    Those are among the best value, sturdy and attractive barns I have found.

    I would be leery of doing anything like a carport as shelter in a hurricane zone (and I am saying that as someone who has a home in New Orleans).

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