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    Nov. 2, 2009

    Default Blistering Stifles?

    So my friend picked up a free gelding. He's adorable, his old owner got sold a "lemon" with him. Owner was changing disciplines and he was sold as "perfect" ha ha. Anyway. My friend took him and he definately has stifle issues. She dropped him at the Vet clinic. The tech said she's seen worse (ie her horse) and my friend is waiting to hear what the Vet wants to do but said they will most likely blister his stifles.

    Has anyone done this or had experience with it? He's currently pasture sound but I was hoping he could be my packer. Was hoping to Hill Top, maybe GAG or some baby Green classes. Wondering what his future will hold. He's got a forever home if he never becomes riding sound but I'm curious to hear what other people have run into.

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    Slow distance work will built up stifles, but no sharp turns or circles; it does take time though. I would imagine they will do an internal blister, have had it done, seems to work but must be used in conjunction with working at a brisk walk and slow jog, no speed, no cantering, just trotting and walking.
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    My last horse had loose stifles so I had them blistered. It works. You have to do more than a slow jog. The tendons have to tighten up and to do that walk trot and canter should be done. Working a horse with loose stifles is not the same as a horse that has had a stifle injury. Depending on the training of the horse circles and then as he strengthens lateral work can be done. Hills are great to strengthen the stifles.
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    We did it to our then 17 yr old OTTB. He was "falling out" at the stifle and was not safe to ride. The blister helped tremendously. The worst part is knowing it hurts and you have to work them & not give them bute ~ you want to trigger an inflammatory response & make everything tighten up as much as possible.
    I researched it and thought it sounded barbaric but I took a leap of faith with my vet and gave the go ahead. Very glad I did.
    We've also had his hocks injected and recently started him on Adequan. Wow! That stuff is awesome. It's like we have a new horse.

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    Jul. 31, 2009
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    I had my horse's left stifle blistered internally in the beginning of September, in conjunction with Estrone injections for 3 weeks. I have had very good results with this treatment, and best of all, I don't have to feel guilty for blowing off ring work to go trail riding! In fact, that is better for him than the flatwork in the arena.

    I was a little concerned prior to the treatment, just because I knew it "was going to hurt him", but I found that he handled it really well, and he is the wimpiest horse of all time! I did make sure that he got worked a bit harder than I normally would and more frequently for the first couple of weeks. I am back to my regular 4 days a week schedule, but I do make sure he works all of those days, regardless of the weather (we only have an outdoor).

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    I wouldn't start with blistering

    You really want to start with conditioning and a good diet, to including checking his blood for vitamin E and selenium.
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    I too would not start with blistering. I always start with an estrone regimen as well as strengthening exercises. I haven't had to blister stifles in a decade.

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    Nov. 2, 2009


    Thank you all for the input. Still waiting for the Vet's recommendation. Not sure what was done with him b/c he was a "dump" case. You know..get him out of my pasture or he goes to auction.

    He's rehabbing at my friends and her "arena" is a corn field so no worry about sharp turns there. Will pass the estrogen info interesting.

    Waiting to see what the Xray's look like etc.

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