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    eventerbum17 Guest

    Default What vet would YOU use in Maryland?


    Hi everyone! I'm in the process of purchasing a young OTTB, as a prospect for evening at the upper levels. I am not from the area, so I would LOVE to hear your input on any vets you know in the area..... I'm looking to set up a pre-purchase exam, and would love some vet reccomendations. The horse is located in Upper Marlboro, MD. Can you guys give me some advice ASAP?

    Excited and Nervous!!!!!
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    are you sure it's not in Maryland, but 45min west of Alexandria VA?

    I'm in maryland and haven't heard of Alexandria MD...and google maps is failing to find it either...
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    eventerbum17 Guest


    you got me there! Alexandria, VA not MD. Thanks for the correction.

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    45 minutes west of Alexandria is still likely to be in Va. What town in MD are we talking about? (good luck!)
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    Also tell us how detailed of a prepurchase exam you are looking for. If this is to be a high dollar upper level eventer, and you want multiple x-rays, ultrasounds, scoping, and a possible scintigraphy, I would say go to Morven Park in Leesburg, VA. If it is a more usual vetting, I have other less costly suggestions.

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    eventerbum17 Guest


    Sorry for the confusion---I'm new to this!! I have edited my first post w/ more information.... Hope it helps!!! I would LOVE some help!!
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    I am located in Upper Marlboro, MD; and I would recommend Dr. James Casey. He's wonderful!
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    I have used Dr. Mende for our chiropractic and also for vet issues on many of our ottb's She has all the digital equipment in her mobile truck and also has a clinic. I find her to be very practical and straight forward.

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    I have used Morven Park for quite a few prepurchases over the years, and have been quite happy. The disadvantage is that the horse would have to be trailered around the beltway. My guess is that it would be over an hour to get there.

    I have also used Byron Young ( for two prepurchases and have been very happy with his work. He is a board certified surgeon who does lots of lameness surgeries, and used to be on faculty at Morven Park. I know he goes into Maryland, but I am not sure if he will go to Upper Marlboro. He has years of experience and is easy to talk with. He also has digital radiographs, digital ultrasound and lab equipment in his truck.

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