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    Sep. 9, 2008

    Default rotational fall video?

    Hi guys, long time no post...

    I was wondering if anybody had a link to that video that was floating around last winter where a horse ALMOST has a rotational fall but totally saves itself and his rider at the last minute and carries him through the rest of the combination. I think it was at Plantation?

    I believe it's a bay horse and was 6 yrs old or something. I was trying to find it but couldn't. Wasn't it titled "Most Amazing Horse Ever," or something similar?

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    Feb. 2, 2009


    It was called A Million Dollar Horse.

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    Jun. 1, 2002


    So what's the story behind the horse and rider? Well prepared v. ill prepared? Young horse, older horse? experienced rider, not experienced?
    What factors led them to almost falling and what factors led to them being saved.

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    Aug. 26, 2008


    It almost looks like because it was down hill the horse was able to "continue" falling and got his feet beneath him. Kind of like when you run down a steep hill you can stop running until you get to the bottom.
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    Oct. 27, 2009


    It says on the side of the video that it was the horses first time at that level. When they went up the hill to the fence the horse hesitated when he saw all the stuff in front of him. Apparently a lot of other people had trouble there as well.

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