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    Default Has anyone here ever had ankle fusion surgery? how did it affect your riding?

    Many years ago, I suffered a severe fracture/dislocation of my ankle, requiring surgery to fix. I've done pretty well with this, but as the years have gone on, have developed increasingly painful arthritis in the joint. I've been told by ortho surgeons that it will eventually become so painful I will have to have it fused. (Or replaced). Has anyone ever had to have this done? How did it effect your riding? My ortho guy has had to do this to a few other riders, he says that they have eventually been able to return to riding and jumping. (I event, I would really like to be able to keep doing my lower level stuff.....novice, MAYBE training....) Anyway.....anyone with any info? Thanks!
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    My nother's left ankle was completely fused in the standing position. The pain was gone, but it is an entirely new drama because, of course, there are a zillion things you can no longer do, and all new ways to have joint problems elsewhere as you learn to walk differently. A former fellow boarder had it as well, and riding was the only thing that didn't bother her. She did teach her horses to stand perfectly so she could dismount at the mounting block. Sorry my only tales are not jolly.

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    I have a friend who had her ankle fused. She continued riding and jumping and didn't talk much about it after the fact. She's the type, though, who would keep jumping no matter how much pain it caused her, so I'm not sure that she's a very good example

    Good luck with yours. I think it's so crazy that they can't come up with something more technologically advanced than fusion to stop the pain cycle. But it sounds like if you're "young enough" there's just no better choice since replacement only lasts so long and can only be done a couple (or few?) times.

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