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    It's really difficult to deal with kids running up on your horse. My horse started breaking cross ties because the owner's kids always ran up behind him. Now cross tieing is an iffy situation with him. He was fine before that.

    When it's really dangerous, like a kid grabbing the horse's back leg, I try to move calmly and slowly, and take ahold of the kid's hand and get him or her away from the horse. What you say to the parent, boy I don't know, it is just a bad situation. 'A small child can get very badly hurt that way' - I'd try to avoid comments like, 'watch out your kid could get kicked'.

    It does really help if you handle your horse a lot and get him used to a lot of different types of motions and such. But horses being what they are, there is never any guarantee that they will stand perfectly still while a small child grabs their back legs.

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    If you own a young horse then you train it first and thoroughly and well BEFORE you have it around situations where a child could be in danger.

    Personally speaking I'm at a loss to understand why on earth anyone is training a youngster in the same area that a child is riding.

    Of course parents are responsible for ensuring their children are kept safe but horse owners are responsible for ensuring their horses aren't looking to kick/bite/whatever just because someone/thing comes up behind it and get's hold of it's tail.

    I actually get sick to death of owner's making excuses for having bad-mannered horses with HUGE gaps in their training.

    If I'm holding my horse and want it to stand then I say "STAND" and that means it doesn't move. It can rest a foot but it's not shuffling about and running the risk of bumping into folks or standing on someone's toes. It's trained to STAND.

    If one of mine kicked anyone standing close behind then trust me, it would be the first and last time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slc2 View Post
    It's really difficult to deal with kids running up on your horse. My horse started breaking cross ties because the owner's kids always ran up behind him. Now cross tieing is an iffy situation with him. He was fine before that.
    That's a very serious situation but fortunately one that is very easily remedied.

    If a horse is trained to tie and stand then it shouldn't be bothered at all by things that happen around it. For sure not by people running around.

    I'd be most interested to know the full circumstances of how it was breaking ties and what you were doing and how you were managing the situation when that first happened?

    Also what are you now doing to prevent that dangerous situation happening over and over again?

    I was also curious to know who these "owner's kids" are as you've been posting for years about having your own marvellous facility with galloping track, arena with lots of rules etc etc etc.

    What horses do you actually have and what is your experience of managing and training?
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    totally agree with thomas 1 - if i am trianing any youngster then its on its own

    i dont have the luxury of a school indoor or out unless i go to to yard
    so all my work is done out and in the open

    i do also however have my grandson up and other children in for lessons
    at no time are they allowed anywhere near the horses that arnt being used
    and if the kids are out having lesson they all my horses are in and out of the way

    same to if horses are being worked then the children arnt allowed anywhere in or near that area

    also if when using the schools - then there is no lunging allowed at the same time when others are in the school
    you either work ride the horse or you lunge it the rules are
    no lunging allowed if school has any lviery or lesson riding in there and you wait your turn till school is empty and safe to do so

    i currently have 2 young horses in for trianing - not breaking as they to young
    ie they will both be 2 in may
    i have had these horses for two weeks already they stand can catch them up
    pick there feet up groom and are bitted ie accepting the bit bridle
    they do go out on regular walks in hand round the roads and woods
    you can do whatever you like to them now as two weeks ago they was rough
    as in unhandable
    they now catch, groom easy, pick up feet, box load and lead and stand and can now be stabled as they wasnt before and didnt know what one was

    i dont lunge young horses as it put extra strains on undeveloped mussles and legs
    i will however long rein these two to later
    but for the moment they are taken out on a regular 20min walk in hand round the block
    to get them used to traffic and show them a bit of life outside the paddocks
    and when i say traffic i mean traffic as in lots of cars and lorries
    i like to get young horses used to traffic asap

    yesterday they went round the block and into the woods
    up and through the top yard and back home at no time did the horses play up
    and enjoyed the walk next step is in hand local shows so they get used to hussle and bussle of the show grounds

    these two horses will be having a show jumping career so they must learn to accept everything as should any horse

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