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    Default Trainers

    I have a small barn with a group of AA riders looking to bring a trainer in. Where can you look for a hunter/jumper trainer? There is no one in my area, that we like anyway . I am outside of kansas City.

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    down the road from bar.ka


    Ads in COTH actually have worked very well for my own trainer when she hires assistants...and by AA do you mean USEF AA rated level peeps and horses or Adult Ammies?

    Word of mouth is also excellent-I know there must be somebody near Kansas City who can refer you or give you some ideas.

    There is a series of A shows In St Louis every winter...IIRC they start the first weekend of Dec. Get in the car and make the drive. Watch the warm up, meet and great, ask questions and ask for referrals from those you like the look of. It's a small world and that's the best way.

    Be sure to work up some kind of a fact sheet, including salary guidelines/range and whether they will get commissions on sale horses, what cut they get on the lessons and Pro rides and so forth. These are questions any decnet applicant will ask about. Firm it up beofre you start looking seriously.
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    Talking Ask questions that matter to you.

    I always escape into 'what if' land. What if I had the money to start a classy show barn, what trainer would I hire. Here in Nor Cal, there is an assistant trainer I love that I would go to immediately with interest. I would also post ads where I could and see who was out there. This is a VERY important decision. And I am all about giving people breaks so I'm looking for passion, positive coaching techniques and truely caring about the horse. Too many stories about trainers not going out to colicky horses in the middle of the nite--horses dying, or the trainer who doesn't want to deal with the suspensory rehab,so puts the horse down. True stories and I wouldn't want to find that trainer. My top question--"tell me about your soundness program?" (is it Bute and more Bute, or therapies and Game Ready, and yes.....a few days off!!! Rest rocks). And I would show up at a show unannounced and incognito to view the trainer schooling.

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