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    Default Spinoff - Starting or recognizing a new mare line

    Quote Originally Posted by ne1 View Post
    you can't, and the odds are against you.

    go ahead and try to pioneer one, but to me the family counts more than the individual.
    While I agree, what's a new breeder to do when we can not afford the best mare line but perhaps a good mare?

    For instance, I have a good broodmare. She produces great foals and the oldest are being started under saddle with success.

    Her dam only produced one live foal and was a TB, albeit a good one. Her granddam was a successful racehorse and so on.

    Reading some threads, given that for SPORT, she is a F1 success, what's a breeder to do? Discard the mare because her mareline is perhaps not YET successful and proven?

    Also, when do you consider that a mare line is successful? I bet each others definition varies a lot...

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    Why would you want to replace a mare that's produced well for you? I don't necessarily believe in the family vs the individual. If your mare is producing well be happy. Unless your breeding to sell to breeders I think your mare sounds nice. Home of Redwine, Aloha, Federalist, Romantic Star and Rated R.

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    Thanks Grayfox. I didn't mean to replace MY particular mare but I was wondering about the theory behind it.

    I am just trying to understand the "good mareline at any price" mentality as I realize that many breeders, myself included, still produce very nice horses without necessarily having the super mareline...

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