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    Cool "Old School Products" spinoff--Remember when horses...

    This is my problem. My dream horse from 30 years ago is the mare I want now, for my breeding program. I can't find her.

    She was 14.2, permanent pony card, probably shaved (hair) withers and barefoot, trimmed just prior... still...

    Baroque build and gaits. Never won the pony hunters, but never not placed. (never, ever came in higher than 3rd, but we still managed to come in 3rd for the series our last year, despite me missing the last show. Might've gotten Res.Ch. had we been there. )

    Huge, cresty neck--not fat pads, but rather just a high set, round neck. Round haunch, with round muscles, a defined crease (but not a pond!) between them at her spine. Double back when she was in the best shape. WIDE chest. Deep barrel. Took a 46 or 48" girth and a 76" blanket, which says a lot about a 'pony.'

    Perfect feet. I think she got shod 3 or 4x a year tops. Most winters went barefoot, some had boreums. Straight, well angled legs. Sound, sound, sound, despite not-great management practices.

    Showed hunters in the morning with me, then gamed in the afternoon. Did many Hunter Paces, ride n'ties etc.

    No one quite knew her breeding--I don't want that 'unknown' quantity, per se--but I darn well wish I could figure out *what* she was. The closest I can find today are 'Gypsy' Cobs, the coloured cobs in Ireland & the UK, ... but she had a better hind end than most, and wasn't haunch high. She definitely didn't have feathers. If her head was a little more 'handsome' than a mare's should be, it was only because she had so much character and needed enough room for her brains.

    People speculated on her breeding--she was tovero and the highest concensus/rumour was MorganXDraft.... then where did the spots come from? ASB X draft maybe, there was a lot of ASB blood in the N'East back then.

    I suppose she *would* be a Gypsy Cob these days. She'd have been excellent at dressage though, was a really neat, big mover, but had too much knee action, really, for hunters, though that's all I knew back then. And you could do an outside course when you rode in Open classes, and she'd clean up darn well out there.

    I know I am idealizing her somewhat, as memory tends to.

    What led you to decide on your "ideal"... be it breed or type ? Does it resemble your childhood fantasy?
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    Little Rhody


    Sounds like she could have been an "old fashioned" Morgan or Morgan cross? Definitely sounds like she was too fat with the cresty neck and the well down her spine.

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    She sounds JUST like a little Morgan named Frisbee that boarded at my barn for a bit, who many of us rode because the owner let us

    I too bet she was a Morgan cross at least. So, check out those guys.

    And yeah, I'd bet she was too fat as well
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    Apr. 28, 2008


    Sounds like a Morgan cross to me too...

    I have an old guy, we don't know what his breeding is (guessing Morgan though). Bought him really cheap the day before he was going to be sent to auction, his history is completly unknown. It took us 2hrs to catch him when we went to see him, and 6hrs to get him in the trailer when we bought him. I will never forget the first ride on that horse, he was forward, with really nice gaits. It was obvious that this horse had been well schooled somewhere in his life, we figured he was about 18-20 when we bought him. I rode him for 8 years, hard riding. Lots of trail miles, and built a partnership with him that I don't think can ever be replaced. It's always mistified us what his breeding his... and I've ALWAYS wanted another like him. This horse was incredible. He never wore shoes, he's always been 100% sound.

    He's got a large stallion-like neck, cute head, strong hindquarters, great legs and hooves. He's black with a little star and four short white socks, he is no more than 14 hands tall. He was always an easy keeper, nothing seemed to ever go wrong with this guy. I rode him many times on the beach in hail when a surprise storm popped up. I would gallop him along the cliffsides at the beach with complete and total trust in him. I hadn't really thought of it like this before, but perhaps that's what caused my attraction to GOOD quality sportponies around that height range, which is what I'm trying to produce. I remember one day riding that guy on the trail and was just playing around, I 'accidently' asked for a flying change. He did it, clean. I got him doing four tempis on the trail that day I still have him, he's got a home here for the rest of his life. He now has Cushings, but he's still sound as can be. He will forever hold a place in my heart, I don't think he could ever be replaced. He was my perfect riding pony.
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    Also sounds old-fashioned Morgan cross to me. We used to have one, he was Delmaytion lines, registered as Delmaytion Rick.

    I tried to find images of this style of Morgan and didn't really come up with anything, but I did find Check out "Badger", their Buckskin stallion. He's a cutey!
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    Nov. 21, 2008

    Default you never know

    It's possible that they might be Cheval Canadien crosses. Absolutely awesome all rounders.

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    Yup, could have been a Canadien cross.
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