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    Alerin Guest

    Default What should he be eating?

    I posted about my OTTB's feet, but I have been reading a lot about diet and am wondering if I am not doing something I should be.

    My boy is around 1200 lbs and has been off work since March, and in a paddock. He is going back to work very, very soon so I am looking at what I will need to change. He has a huge grass belly on him, but since he has been off work, the vet thinks that will go away when he starts to work. He obviously has no muscle right now.

    I'm feeding him about 5 lbs of Purina Equine Senior/day (he's only getting fed once a day). Being that we live in South Alabama, grass is still plentiful and he is free to graze all day. He is also on farrier's formula and cosequin. We put him on senior when we bought him because he was SKINNY and was being fed a cheap sweet feed and he needed to gain weight. Now, gaining weight isn't really a problem. He just needs some muscle.

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    How old is he? I would cut back on his grain (not senior if he's not senior) and give a vitamin supplement for horses on grass. Start adding feed if and when he needs it when he's back to work. I do like horses to have a little extra weight on them going into the winter, especially if they are seniors.

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    Alerin Guest


    He is 12. We put him on senior last winter because he needed to gain weight pretty quickly. I have mentioned this to the vet and he does not have a problem with him being on senior but he said there are other things out there such as omolene, etc. He is not a picky eater by any means. Once the grass dies out he will have access to plenty of hay.

    All of this is slightly mind boggling and I'm not sure what he needs and should be getting.

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    You need to cut down on his grain, to about 1.5-2lbs a day. Just increase it slowly when he goes back to work.

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