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    Default Have some questions...

    1) Just wondering if anyone has used/or is familiar with the Pessoa Training System? My chiropractor recommended it for my horse because she has a weak hind-end and back. I, however, have no experience with it and am wondering if trying to figure it out would do more harm than good...?

    2) Also wondering if I should invest in a pair of Herm Sprenger stirrups(or ones of similar quality) if I ride only 1-2x/day, 6 days/week? Will I notice any sort of difference?

    3) Does anyone know anything about horses with mild kissing spine? this a serious ailment, or can it be fixed with proper riding, etc?

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    1) Love it. Great for horses to stretch down and build a topline. I will occasionally use one when I am pressed for time on riding.

    2) Hate them. Invest in a trainer that will help you notice a difference. Call me classical, but if it's trendy and a "quick fix," it's probably a gimmick.

    3) Various stories on previous thread.

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    Pessoa training system: You can borrow mine to try.

    They are very hard work for the horse, even when adjusted to be loose and to only ask for "long and low." Don't ask for more than 10 or 15 minutes of work in it.

    The breeching around the hamstrings can be a shock and/or annoyance for some. IMO, you want to start slow-- say with a big marching walk on a lunge line and then some trot. The breeching may cause some bucks at the canter. But you will get a nice work out from the trot.

    I like free lunging a horse in it once they have it figured out. I'm not a fan of lunging in general, and I think the horse's ability to alternate straight and turns helps them feel less claustrophobic in the Pessoa thing.

    I'm old school and don't like the feel of jointed stirrups but they are a godsend for people with problems in their knees and other joints. I don't have a pair to offer you, but try before you guy if you can.

    No clue about kissing spines.
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    I agree with mvp. I only use it on the long low setting as well. I also only use it in a round pen.

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    If the horse is conformationally weak you could hurt it so be careful. And it will do little or nothing to fix kissing spines, that is a serious misalignment of the vertabrae in the neck. Has the horse been diagnosed by a DVM with x rays and other diagnosis to determine kissing spines exsists? Or is the chiropractor guessing and hoping work in the rig will fix it?

    If it is kissing spines, not much chance to fix that. If it's something else, it might help. If the horse is just not built to support a stronger back end, you could cause trouble and pain.
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