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    Quote Originally Posted by Lieslot View Post
    So true! Boarders too often think, "I want my horse to have more hay, so I'll pay for x extra flakes & done".
    It's not that simple, more hay results in more soiled bedding, extra storage needed (in some cases), staff needs to be informed & more work ...
    This is why I always offer to pay for the extra hay + the added inconvenience of storage, muck and bedding this brings along.

    I think if a boarder is comprehensive of this and not skimpy on $'s for this service then I think it should be workable at any barn. I always struggled getting the idea across, but once they figured I meant no loss to the BO, it worked out ok.
    Absolutely. I paid for extra hay or bought it myself, bought extra shavings and cleaned my 2 horse's stalls, and paid FULL board plus I fed all the horses at the barn each night and bought those boarder and BO horses hay and grain and shavings because BO was always "running out" for 2 1/2 years. No loss to BO at all. (And when I had to go out of town on business, the BO deigned to feed and clean stalls as she was paid by all boarders to do.)
    At other barns I paid extra for hay to put into paddocks and hay rack, and then the barn where we were required to pay for all of our own hay, and we got ripped off on that by the BO selling us hay by the bale an then stealing the hay from us. My horses ate all their hay and got minimal grain.
    In the OP's case, I'd want to know why they guy is paying for extra hay and still stealing hay. Is he just a thief or does he feel he's being ripped off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkevent View Post
    I think what bothers me about this thread is the attitude some people express that it's ok to waste hay-just charge the boarder more money. To me, that's not the point-it's that it's ok to waste hay or any resource to please someone who may or may not actually know what is appropriate and necessary for their horse.

    Just because you own a horse doesn't make you an expert on horse care. Just because I'm a BO doesn't make me an expert on horse care, either. But when you live the life 24/7, you tend to notice things that people who don't care for horses don't always understand. Personally, wastage really irks me and it's not just due to the financial reasons-it's the mentality.

    It's not just the cost of the hay but all the other aspects-the storage, the hard labor involved, the planning around the deliveries, etc. And it's the lack of respect that this boarder has for the BO that really bothers me.
    Very well said.

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