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    Default Reply posts that won't post

    Two or three times this past month I have begun a reply to a message and clicked the preview button but all I got was a blank screen (which lasted for minutes) and reloading it only generated another blank screen. Once or twice before in past weeks or months something similar happened.

    I took five or ten minutes or so to type the reply, so it was annoying not to be able to get back to it, continue it or eventually post it.

    In two of the cases I also noticed that somehow I had been logged out , even though I was logged in at the outset. Logging back in didn't help bring up the reply I'd drafted.

    Is this something that will automatically go away when you upgrade the system or is it a problem with my PC that I should somehow address from my side?
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    First off, I'm sorry for the trouble!

    I'm not sure of the source of the trouble. Some users who use AOL as their web browser can have problems similar to this one, where AOL doesn't really log them in, and clicking the "remember me" button when they sign in can help.

    It doesn't look like you use AOL, but if you don't use the "remember me" feature, that still might be worth a shot to try.

    Since we do have the site upgrade coming around the corner, let's see if that takes care of things for you, and if not, we'll tackle the problem afterward. In the meantime, though it's a bit of a pain in the keister, you could highlight your post and right-click "copy" before you press the preview button, so that you have a copy in case you lose the original.

    Thanks for bringing the problem to our attention. Hopefully, it'll automatically be addressed this week; if not, please let us know if it continues!

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