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    Sep. 25, 2008

    Talking Confo Critique

    Are we allowed to do this?

    This is a 15.2, 7yo TB gelding, I have met him about 6 months ago and was told then that he was retired and looking to be rehomed - but I just had a very quick look online and he raced Oct 10. He seemed like a very nice type, quiet mind- the Strapper was walking him around the yard bareback with a halter and leadrope only.

    When I look at that picture, something feels NQR ? What do you think? Is it just me? I love his front end, and he has a beautiful face. I think he is standing quite downhill in this image; If I use my imagination I can see him being quite striking.

    I am not thinking of buying him - no room or $$ for another ATM, but I do have a friend who might be interested, so would love to get some opinions first.

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    Aug. 24, 2006


    Hhmm I hope he's standing on quite an angle! I also want to say something looks a touch wonky with his RF tendon...
    I'd rather be riding!

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    Sep. 28, 2001


    You really cannot judge a horse fairly by this type of photograph! He is standing downhill on uneven ground. That makes him appear to have a downhill build and an overly long back. Racing fit TBs already look long in the back due to their fitness. Also, his RF toe is pointing down, which probably contributes to what Moocow is seeing. He MAY be a bit sickle hocked, but again, that could be the angle of the photo.

    Frankly, he would be a horse I would take a look at if I were shopping (and if he was in the US! ) I think he is adorable, and what a cute face and kind eye!

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    Sep. 25, 2008


    argh don't tempt me!

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    Nov. 22, 2003


    Just because what looks to be wrong COULD be the result of photography doesn't mean it is. Horse could be crooked as all get out with really wonky conformation.

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    Sep. 24, 2001
    Lexington, Kentucky


    His front feet are in a hole and his stockings distort his legs just enough to make you want to think "hmmmm....".

    I think he's nice - lovely neck, great angles behind. Looks like he would be a powerful horse.

    What's his racing record? And if I were thinking of him I'd go get a look at him in person and just double check that my eyes weren't deceiving me with the legs.
    "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world." ~ Jack Layton

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    Aug. 4, 2009


    If you draw a line fron top of rump to withers you should see he is almost dead level.
    His spine slopes down into the withers giving the impression of a down hill or standing in a hole.
    Its a flaw you see in TB's and makes dressage difficult for this sort.
    With his head down and stretched out perhapswould give a diffrent perspective.
    A magnifying glass to legs makes left fron ankle look a bit poofy.
    Think hemay have a short choppy trot.
    And I bet his connections keep racing him until someone ponies up cash to buy him. Did he finish say top six, how far off the winner??

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