Free Clinics/Workshops
November 15, 2009 1:00p.m - 4:00p.m
at Horse Play, 143 Gilbert Stuart Road, Saunderstown, RI
(401)294-3565 or (401)864-2943

Evolutionary Horsemanship - More than Natural Horsemanship & Trimming the Barefoot Horse (Give your horse the gift of better health – let him go barefoot!)

The “hows & whys” explained. Evolutionary Horsemanship encompasses much more than basic groundwork and riding skills. It’s about building a relationship, developing a partnership and strengthening a bond. It encompasses all that is “horse” with an emphasis on natural. Explore Evolutionary Horsemanship and Find Solutions for:
Becoming a “benevolent herd leader”, Horse-Human Communication, “De-mystifying” Natural horsemanship
Aggressiveness, Nervousness, and Fear – both horse and human
Gentling, Basic horse health – vital signs, illness/pain symptoms, first aid and alternative therapies
Nutrition, Hoof handling and care, barefoot trimming,
Proper leading, driving, Round pen techniques.

Please contact us if you plan to attend - will also accept 2 horses for this workshop if anyone would like to truck in - let us know soon!