Recieved this in an e-mail:
"Annie, a friend of mine in Galisteo has a friend who is connected with the Lone Mountain Ranch. The owner of the ranch was given, as I understand it, an Arabian stallion and 6 QH broodmares. these horses have been on the ranch roaming free and breeding. There are mares, weanlings, coming yearlings, coming 2yr olds that are headed to slaughter in Mexico if they are not gone by Nov. 1st. Let me know if you know of anyone who might be interested. I don't have the phone number with me at the office but if anyone is interested I will get it to you.

The stallion is a registered polish arabian, don't know the breeding but my friend has that info. He is very narrow. The mares are decent and it looks like there are some very decent babies on the ground.

Call Margaret Rinkle for more details.

I'm going to assume that the area code will be 505 or 575 because the horses are in Galisteo, NM.