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    Default Pony measurement question/handler question

    If I take a close-measure 6yo pony to have measured and it becomes obvious in the middle of measuring that he isn't going to cooperate (pony is green, and can be anxious and not great about standing...we can get a full 1/2 inch difference between good set up and "standing like a giraffe OMG what was that" set-up.) in order to get the measurement, can you opt to quit in the middle of the measurement without penalty? As I understand, once the pony is officially measured, there is a process you must go through in order to re-measure?

    Also, is it possible to hire someone knowledgable to handle pony during said measurement? If so, does anyone have any recommendations of anyone that might possibly be at any of the Barracks shows this winter? I have zero experience with this and don't want to screw up the ponies chances.

    We're just trying to decide whether we should try to get this done in December, or wait a bit.

    For the record, pony is hopefully a medium but it will not be the end of the world if he is a bad size large...he is nice enough that he will still find a job but it obviously would be really nice to have him be a medium. We will work hard to accomplish that but won't do anything even remotely abusive to get this done.

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    Don't know the answer, but I'd take pony to a bunch of non-rated shows and just get him used to getting sticked away from home.

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    Most of the better trainers that handle Ponies can help you with that. Worth whatever they will charge because that difference between a top of the line Medium and small Large can add a zero to the price.

    Ask around or just call their barns or call some of the breeders. Measuring is a bit of an art and something you don't want to screw up.
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    findeight, absolutely. This pony is nice enough that it will make a difference. If it doesn't measure, it'll probably live with us as my daughter's pony until it has enough miles to make its own way.

    I have a few ideas of people to call in the area, but thought I might put the word out here in case someone has any specific suggestions of someone that will be at the Barracks.


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    FindEight is absolutely right. I would add, however. . . yes, once you start the process you are suppossed to have an official measurement. However, I have never encountered a steward, who when faced with a tight measurement on a baby, wouldnt let you walk away if the environment is casual - as in, not a line of people waiting to get their ponies measured before the pony classes start. Pick your show and pick your place in line!!!

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