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    Default Region 6 Championships - The Future

    There has been much swirl and speculation about the location of the Region 6 Championships now and in the future. To gain clarification, I wrote to the Region 6 Director, Donna Longacre. Below are her responses.

    Bottom line..... last year, the topic of location was raised at the mini convention and a proposal to have Devonwood host the show permanently was voted on. It was voted down. If the issue is raised again from the floor of the mini convention, there will be another vote. If you feel strongly about the location - either Devonwood permanently or maintaining the current rotation - please make your voice known in the event the issue is raised again at this year's mini convention in Portland.

    Email exchange with Donna Longacre

    Donna, Rose and Lothar - Is one of the topics being discussed/debated, the future of the Region 6 Championships? Rumor has it that there is a proposal on the table to have them held at Devonwood from here forward instead of rotating. Would you please clarify or confirm?

    Tho that topic was brought up last fall at the Annual meeting, it was voted down. Due to neither Donida or Idaho being unavailable it was voted to use the D Devonwood facility two years in a row and then to continue with the rotation per regular policy.
    These issues are voted on at the Region 6 Annual Meeting which is traditionally the 3rd weekend in November. Things can change depending on the votes that come out of that meeting. I hope that those that have an opinion they would like to voice or vote on will attend.
    Thanks for getting it straight from the horse's mouth. =)
    Donna Longacre
    Region 6 Director

    Followup Question:
    Thanks, Donna. So.... to clarify.... the topic will be discussed and will be voted upon - correct?

    Followup Answer from Donna:
    I cannot tell you what motions will come from the floor at the meeting.
    It is not (or ever has been) a proposal or recommendation of the Championship show Committee.

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    Do you like the Devonwood showgrounds? Or is Donida closer for you?

    Speaking of Region 6, Jennifer Schrader-Williams did a fantastic job with Wistar (Champ Grand Prix) and Warado (Champ 3rd level). I think she got reserve in the GP Freestyle too!!!

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    I LOVE Devonwood and I live near Donida .

    The issue that was raised, and that I'm seeking transparency/clarity around, is whether or not the decision to change the current rotational process can or will be changed at the Mini Convention AND, if so, what is that process and who is involved in the decision making.

    So, here's what I'm learning:

    1 - If you attend the Region 6 mini convention AND the topic of location/timing for Championships is raised AND it is brought to a vote, you can have a say.

    2 - So, for example, if there is a disproportionate number of ID members in attendance at the mini convention AND there is a vote to change the rotational process and hold all future champs in ID, the majority vote of the members AT THAT CONVENTION would influence that change.

    Most of the answers I've received are fairly convoluted, but that's what I'm gleaning. I've asked Donna, Rose, and Lothar to post the decision making process so the membership understands how decisions such as this are made.

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    Lothar Pinker's email response below. So, for those of you with a particular POV, now is the time to raise the issue with your GMO and/or Donna Longacre.

    "Rotation has been a priority for the past 5 years. Depending upon the availability of Donida as a satisfactory venue for the date selected for 2010, the Championship might return to Washington in 2010, to Idaho in 2011, back to Oregon in 2012, if satisfactory facilities are available."

    My response to back:

    "Thanks, Lothar.

    I am a member of ODS, Equestrians Institute, USDF, and USEF. I've shown at Devonwood and Donida, among other venues. I am aware of all of the issues surrounding the decision to rotate the champs that occurred several years ago. While I wasn't whole heartedly in support of rotation at that time, I've come to see it as a fair and equitable process to serve the needs of this huge Region.

    I'm also aware of the issues surrounding the last Regionals at Donida and the most recent Regionals at Devonwood. You've managed shows long enough to know there's no way to please everyone. Devonwood continues to be the most beautiful venue I've seen and I welcome the opportunities to show there.

    That said...

    I can speak to the current state of Donida, as I've shown there within this last year - most recently last weekend. Gwen and Dave have invested in enormous improvements to the footing, temporary stabling, and availability of arenas for warm up and showing. Gone are the slippery hog's fuel arenas, cement hard sand, too deep sand, dangerous and small outdoor warmup, poor sound system, and huge ponds of standing water. I had the choice to warm up indoors or out, and I chose outdoors despite the fact that we've had enough torrential rain to cause ponds in the best of footing. There wasn't a water puddle in sight.

    As a member of this Region, my vote is to continue with the rotation as we have in past years. Donida has made the improvements necessary to host a great show regardless of the weather.

    Finally, if this issue is raised at the mini convention, I ask that a larger vote of the membership be taken before making any final decisions impacting 2010."

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    Championships in ID in 2011? I'll make that my goal. ;-) Region 6 is too large for a poor, broke student, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiligsmom View Post

    Finally, if this issue is raised at the mini convention, I ask that a larger vote of the membership be taken before making any final decisions impacting 2010."

    You make a very good point. It seems a little lopsided to do this vote in Portland. The weekend before Thanksgiving can be a tough time and this MiniConvention continues to be in Portland, I guess because ODS is the largest GMO in our region.

    Can the participating delegates carry PM votes here?

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