Several months ago I started a thread entitled "Uncontroversial/Non-confrontational Conformation Critique". It can be seen at this link:

In the midst of discussing my filly's conformation, we slid into a side discussion about her hoof angles and how her feet appeared to be too far in front of the rest of her legs in the picture in question. I promised to follow up with more pictures as she aged. Rather than add on to that thread, I thought I would start a new topic with old and current pictures of her for those who were interested.

I would love to hear any thoughts and discussion about the changes shown. We were having a very interesting discussion on the older thread!

For reference, I'll do the older photos first.
Khali at 2 months:
At 7 months (the beginning of the "ugly duckling" stage):
At 18 months:
At 24 months (the photo that started this discussion):

New photos, taken today at 30 months old. I'm including one that shows the offset cannons we were also discussing in the older thread:

She measures 13.3 1/2 right now, and x-rays taken last week when she banged up her knee indicate that her growth plates are almost completely closed. When I asked the vet if he thought she'd make 14.1, he just laughed at me. I'm guessing that was a "no"! So, she'll probably end up being a "bad"-sized large pony. As it's starting to look like she'd rather be a hunter than a western pleasure horse (fine by me!), I'm just hoping I don't look ridiculous on her after she fills out. She already takes up my leg just fine, but my upper body still looks a bit tall on her. (I'm 5'1".)

I also took a video of her moving, if anyone is interested. The footing wasn't great, and she was feeling kind of fresh because it was getting close to dinner time, but it gives an idea about her way of going. It is located here: