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    Default Can AQHA replace lost papers?

    So, I sold my appendix mare a few months ago. I mailed seller the papers and seller never received them. At this point, I am thinking the were somehow lost in the mail. Is there a way to get another copy of the papers from AQHA? To further complicate matters I am not an AQHA member and never transfered the ownership to my name with the AQHA (and now my lazyness comes back to haunt me of course!). I do still have the contact info for the lady I bought the mare from, so can hopefully get her to help if need be.

    Thank you!
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    Yes it can be done. You need to get pictures of the horse - all four sides clearly. Have the person you bought the horse from fill out a duplicate certificate form and sign a transfer certificate as well. You will have to pony up the duplicate $. Then have the new owner fill out their information on the transfer form and mail it to AQHA with payment. They will mail the new papers to the new owner.

    Technically you are supposed to have the horse transfered to you and then to the new owner. However I hate to do that to the horse as it makes it look like they HAD to change hands quickly! As in they are a bad horsey! Papers tell a story if you read them well.

    You can find the forms you need at

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