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    Jan. 9, 2009
    a little north of Columbus GA

    Default Healthy horse show snacks

    What do you take to horse shows/events to help you stay away from the junk food?

    Here are some of my favorites:

    turkey and cheese rollups. Split a string cheese stick in half, and roll each half up in a slice of turkey. I like the Honey Roasted and Smoked pre-sliced packages at Costco, and Precious mozzarella string cheese. (200 calories)

    Yogurt and Cheerios. I was never a fan of cereal-and-milk, and found that I like this much better! Plus, yogurt is easier to pack in the cooler. Yoplait light yogurt + regular Cheerios (200 calories)

    Whole wheat bagel and peanut butter. Make these up before you go and slice in half. 1/2 Thomas' whole wheat bagel + 1 Tablespoon of Jif peanut butter (215 calories)

    Clif bars range from 240-280 calories. I find that eating one of these along with a bottle of water is very filling. I also like Luna bars, but find they're less filling (and I eat the S'Mores bars like candy if I have them around!)

    Your turn!
    ... and Patrick

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    Jan. 25, 2009
    Rock Chalk!


    We love grapes, triscuits (Mare loffs them!), string cheese, cubed cheese and lunchable type stuff. When we can, we take crock pots full of soup & such.
    A proud friend of bar.ka.

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    Jul. 16, 2009
    Northeastern PA


    Grape tomatoes.
    Baby carrots.
    Fiber One bars (very filling for a small thing, 150 cals)
    Dannon Lite n Fit yogurt cups for a sweet taste (80 cal)
    Peanuts or cashews in one ounce serving bags sold by the box in Sam's Club

    I also make tuna on wheat so I have carbs and protein, or else PB&J on wheat.

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    Aug. 15, 2006
    Jefferson, OR


    Hummus and pita bread. Yummm!!! And very filling.

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    Mar. 2, 2007
    Upper and Lower Canada


    String cheese, grapes, chocolate milk, prepackaged fruit salad

    Last away show I went to, we had a pot luck picnic lunch, which worked out great. Someone even brought strawberries, so we feasted like kings.

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    Feb. 25, 2006


    Bananas! I love bananas at horse shows, it keeps me going when I have to be there at 5 to school and braid, and apples.
    Quaker Oat Chewy Granola Bars at 90 calories - a nice little boost of carbs. I always bring Gatorade in the summers. I am also a huge fan of the Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds - almonds dusted in dark chocolate. They come in convenient 100cal packs, and are almost guaranteed to keep me away from the donuts and muffins when I need sugar. Quaker also makes mini rice cakes in a variety of flavors, and my horse loves the apple cinnamon and honey graham kinds.

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